How To Clean Lifeproof Case

Can you take a LifeProof case into the shower?

If it’s entirely dry inside, you can take it into the shower. If it’s also partially wet (i.e. a single water droplet, condensation), it is not secure to make use of in the shower. Go to

How do you fix a muffled LifeProof case?

-if the various other person you call hear your voice muffled, try to blow the mic like you blow a balloon. -if you listen to other individual’s voice muffled, try to blow the speaker similarly you blow the balloon. If those methods are not working, after that you can speak to the seller or LifeProof for guarantee insurance claim.

Are LifeProof cases 100% waterproof?

LifeProof NǕǕD lets you touch the real screen while it protects. Why is it called NǕǕD? Due to the fact that the screen on your phone remains bare while in a situation that is one hundred percent WaterProof, DirtProof, SnowProof as well as DropProof.

Is LifeProof case lifetime warranty?

Do LifeProof Cases Have a Lifetime Service warranty? Unfortunately, there’s no life time guarantee for LifeProof items. This seems to be an advertising hook. LifeProof warrants products for a duration of year.

Does LifeProof case muffle your voice?

You can still listen to the various other individual, yet because of just how the Lifeproof instance is developed to be waterproof, the phone is entirely sealed, so the noise coming via the speaker (ear item) is lowered rather.

Can a LifeProof case go underwater?

Utilizing the LifeProof Instances Underwater The submerged deepness limit is 2 meters (or 6.6 feet), so these are absolutely not deep-dive gadgets. This suffices depth defense for snorkeling and most water play.

Is LifeProof cases worth the money?

Both OtterBox as well as LifeProof cases supply shock and also dust resistance, but if you desire complete waterproofing assistance, you’ll wish to be choosing LifeProof. Once more, you will certainly pay a little extra however LifeProof’s instances are, usually talking, lighter and also much better looking that OtterBox’s.

Will LifeProof send me a new case?

Get in touch with Lifeproof and also go through the warranty process. They should send you a replacement with in a week. They are excellent regarding honoring their item service warranties.

Do I have to return my old LifeProof case?

What is your return plan? We will certainly approve returns within one month of the initial purchase just if the item was purchased straight from

Will LifeProof replace my phone if it cracks?

A: The TWPP Limited Guarantee will only replace a broken tool and Lifeproof case with a product that is of the exact same make and model with similar performance to the items that were signed up for the TWPP Limited Service Warranty.