How To Change Lock On Thule Bike Rack

How do you remove a Thule barrel lock?

Getting Rid Of a Lock Cyndrical Tube with a Passkey. Unlock the system with the locking key. Put the securing trick (among the keys with “teeth”) right into the slot and also make a counterclockwise quarter-turn. The mechanism needs to open– as an example, you ‘d now be able to remove your ski from the rack.

What do I do if I lost my Thule key?

Substitute secrets or cyndrical tubes can be bought from the Keys as well as Locks web page on If the tricks were shed and this number was not made a note of, get in touch with a local Thule dealership and inquire if they have the Thule Passkey Ring which can be utilized to recognize the matching secret. Replacement keys can then be gotten below.

Where is the Thule Lock number?

The Thule Trick Code can be discovered on the head of your initial secret or on the face of the lock. The Code will certainly start with the letter N followed by 3 numbers eg: N001. This number needs to be supplied to enable us to reduce your key.

Are all Thule lock cylinders the same?

i.e. N082 on all 4 locks, or can the number be different? Expert Reply: In order to have all your Thule lock cores keyed alike, all the locks need to utilize the exact same lock core. The number on the lock is the crucial number.

How does Thule change key work?

The Thule Universal Adjustment Secret D1251 is utilized to insert or remove Thule One-Key lock cores from Thule lock housings. It works by going down all of the locking tabs away of the lock core, including the rearmost tab. The Thule Universal Change Trick only works with lock cores in the opened setting.

Are Thule keys all the same?

Keys are marketed individually Initial Thule replacement tricks ** Assured to work Need to have lock and also essential number before buying. If you are incapable to check out the number on your Thule lock cylinder, do not hesitate to email us an image of the lock cyndrical tube.

How many Thule One key locks do I need?

You will certainly need 4 lock cores like the component # TH450400 that you referenced to protect the shelf to your lorry.

Where is the Thule bike rack code?

Substitute Thule secrets can be bought from the Keys and also Locks page on To order tricks to match lock cyndrical tubes already installed in a Thule product, you will certainly need the recognition number marked on the face of the lock or on the matching secret. Most Thule tricks as well as locks have an “N ###” code.

Where is the serial number on a Thule bike rack?

If you possess a Thule or Yakima roof covering rack or device you can find the crucial number engraved on one side of the key.

Do Thule racks come with locks?

Thule roofing racks normally come with 2 to 4 locks that make use of a crucial to firmly connect the rack to your vehicle. Thule rack systems usually include 2 type in instance you misplace one, you still can run your rack system.