How To Carry Climbing Sticks Up The Tree

What is saddle hunting?

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How do you pack Lone Wolf stand and sticks?

Any small backpack could work. I locked my sticks together, fished some rubberized gear ties through the molle loops, and twisted it around the four sticks so it was tight. It was really simple, solid, and the rubberized ties don’t seem to slip or make noise.

How high can you get with 4 Lone Wolf sticks?

They are close to three feet each so four sticks right on top of each other is 12′. 1.5 feet between each one would get you to 18′. If you are comfortable with more space between sticks you can get higher.

How do you keep quiet in a tree stand?

Silence of the Stands Take the time to lubricate any moving parts on your stand, including hinges, joints, and adjustable points. You can also use an unscented candle on metal that runs into a larger-diameter tube, which will dampen the sound when making adjustments. Lay down boat carpeting on the floor of your stand.

How do you silence a climbing tree stand?

The #1 key to silencing your treestand is to focus on moving parts and areas with metal-on-metal contact.

What are the steps to silence a tree?

With a quarter turn of the middle step, each stick locks tightly into one another. This eliminates a ton of noise from the get-go as you don’t have to worry about trying to ratchet sticks together and have them remain tight throughout the length of the walk.

Are tree saddles worth it?

saddles, there is no definitive answer. It’s a personal choice. Although tree saddles offer more benefits in mobility and flexibility, some hunters don’t feel comfortable using them and prefer to stick to the comfort of tree stands. Whichever method you use, it’s crucial to make safety your top priority.

Are tree saddles safe?

Safely Anchored The common misconception of saddle hunting is that a slip from the platform would result in the hunter being upside down, or flipping over and out of the saddle. On the contrary, you’ll find that the saddle provides an extremely safe anchor to the tree.

How high should you saddle hunt?

I generally hunt from 13-20 feet high. As far as week side shots and feeling unstable, you might try using a ring of steps around the tree at the same height as the platform.

What is the lightest lock on tree stand?

The XOP Vanish Evolution is the lightest lock-on tree stand at only 10 pounds. Its platform measures 27 by 19 inches, so there’s plenty of space to rest your belongings. And it can hold up to 350 pounds.