How To Calculate Gas Used Per Mile

How do I calculate my car cost per mile?

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How many gallons of gas does it take for a mile?

To calculate gallons per 10,000 miles, simply divide 10,000 by the vehicle’s mpg. Your 20 mpg vehicle will use 500 gallons to take you 10,000 miles (10,000 divided by 20 equals 500). At 30 mpg, driving 10,000 miles will use about 333 gallons, reducing fuel consumption by 167 gallons.

What is the formula to calculate mileage?

Calculate the Car mileage Calculate your car mileage by dividing the number of kilometers you drove as per the trip meter by the quantity of fuel used.

How much does each mile cost?

According to the Internal Revenue Service, a mile costs $0.53. This is the value you can deduct from your income for each mile you drive while on business.

How do you calculate miles to dollars?

Calculating mileage reimbursement is relatively simple. To find your reimbursement, multiply the number of business miles driven by the IRS reimbursement rate. So if you drove 1,000 miles and got reimbursed . 56 cents per mile, your reimbursement would be $560 (1,000 miles X $0.56 = $560).

How do I calculate miles per gallon in Excel?

In cell E2, type the following: =C2/D2. Press “Enter.” This divides miles traveled by gallons used. The result is your gas mileage.

How much gas is 22 miles?

1.1 gallons Good luck on your trip. We hope that our “How much gas to drive 22 miles?” page made the trip planning a little easier for you.

How many gallons of gas is 500 miles?

For instance, if you plan to drive 500 miles in a car that gets 25 MPG, you’ll need about 20 gallons of gasoline.

How is car fuel consumption calculated?

To calculate your car’s fuel consumption you have to divide the miles travelled by the amounts of gallons it took to refill the tank of your car.

How many miles are in a gallon?

In simple terms, a car’s mpg – which stands for “miles per gallon” – denotes the number of miles it travels on one gallon of gas. A rating of 30 mpg means a vehicle can go 30 miles per gallon of fuel. There are three numbers to pay attention to when looking at a car’s EPA-rated mpg figures: city, highway, and combined.