How To Buy Palace Clothing

How do you buy Palace drops?

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Who manufactures Palace clothing?

Palace Skateboards (or Palace) is a London-based skateboarding and clothing brand established in 2009. The brand was founded by Levent Tanju and his skate team, the Palace Wayward Boys Choir. Palace focuses on skate wear with heavy 1990s and pop culture influences alongside VHS style clothing advertisements.

Is Palace Clothing oversized?

I’d say they are just a tad smaller than you’d expect. I’m 6’1 and skinny built, got a medium hoodie for my first cop and it didn’t reach my wrists so I got large’s for everything else including shirts, LS, and shorts and the arms are just a little baggy which is perfect.

Does Palace drop every week?

At the beginning of every season, Palace will introduce most of the regular items that will be released during the season. They can be found on the “Range” section on Palace Skateboards official website. About 2 – 3 days prior to each week’s drop, Palace Drop Community will update the week’s full droplist items.

What is Palace Sizing like?

Key tip: Compared to the sizing of Supreme drops from 2014-SS 2017, Palace apparel has been known to be half a size bigger.

Why is Palace so popular?

Each collaboration is unique, curious, and undoubtedly ill. There’s no shaking it; and that’s what makes Palace so appealing. From fashion to hip-hop, no legit skate brand gets this much play in such a diverse range of circles. One could argue Supreme paved the way for brands like Palace.

Does Palace ever go on sale?

Palace. Palace is now readying its Fall/Winter 2020 end-of-season sale. Adapting to the in-store restrictions brought on by COVID-19, the uniquely British streetwear imprint will be offering some of its FW20 offerings at a discount online.

How much does a Palace cost?

The internal floor area of the palace covers 430,000 square feet and the cost to build it today would be around $200 million, which translates to $465 per square foot.

What size Palace hoodie should I get?

idk why but it seems the shirts run big, and then yeah the hoodies run small, a size up is ideal, unless you are already like in between sizes. Like for me im 5’11” 130 and i usualy wear a small or medium, most times small though. my small palace hoodie is a bit snug but it still fits pretty well.

Can you return palace clothing?

Items in brand new condition with all original tags and packaging can be returned for a refund within 7 days of receiving your order. The customer is responsible for all shipping charges and liability for lost or stolen packages. Please consult and complete the returns form included with your order.