How To Adjust Sram X9 Rear Derailleur

How do you adjust rear derailleur height?

Change into a tiny ring on the cassette. With your thumb, push the body of the derailleur toward the huge cog. The leading wheel must line up with the biggest cog in the cassette. If the pulley-block relocates past the biggest gear towards the spokes, transform the limit screw marked “L” clockwise to tighten up.

What does B tension do?

B-Tension is an adjustment using that mysterious 3rd screw on the back of your back derailleur. Its correct modification is the last action to clean and peaceful changing. It likewise provides a degree of chain stress thinking: Chain is properly installed as well as the best length.

What does the B screw do on a rear derailleur?

Put simply, the B-Tension screw exists to regulate the gap between guide pulley (the upper pulley on the derailleur) as well as all-time low of the cogs.

Where is the barrel adjuster?

Barrel insurance adjusters are integrated services to cable tension. They resemble serrated knobs, specifically made to be turned utilizing only your fingers. They’re situated where the bare cable exits the plastic housing on the downtube, the back derailleur is the wire on the best side of the bike.

Why is my derailleur touching my cassette?

Most derailleurs will drag on the leading cog of a 34 t cassette when the bike is upside down, yet not when it’s right-side up. If it does it when it’s appropriate side up, shorten the loophole of wire on the derailleur. Shortening the housing loop is not the very best suggestion. You ought to change the b-tension screw.

How tight should my derailleur be?

Press the body of the derailleur up until it’s as close to the wheel as it’ll go. The jockey wheel cage should not have the ability to move better than a position directly below the largest gear.

What do the high and low screws do on a derailleur?

Your derailleur has 2 limit screws. For the outer restriction, you change the H-Screw, so your chain does not fall in between the gear and also the failure and for the internal limit, you turn the L-Screw, maintaining the chain from derailing towards the spokes.

Why does my rear derailleur jump?

Without adequate cable television tension to properly control your derailleur (the part of your bike that changes the chain from one gear to the next), your chain will certainly start to avoid. One of the most regular referral for dealing with a skipping chain is to add stress to the rear derailleur.

What is SRAM cage lock?

Cage Lock is involved using an easy button (with a Lock symbol) located just listed below the Roller Clutch. To utilize it, you press the cage onward and also press the switch, which slides behind the cage to avoid it from returning.

How is B gap measured?

You can gauge B-gap with a pair of calipers. For smaller B-gaps (e.g. in the 4-10mm range), you can utilize an appropriately sized hex wrench as a determining device. Use your calipers or hex wrench to inspect the range from the upper guide pulley-block of the rear derailleur to the most affordable point of the large cog of your cassette.