How Old Is Deluxe 4

How old is the Krew Itsfunneh?

She also uploaded a Q&A on her network, thanks to her followers for passing 2 million subscribers in 2018, as well as a face reveal. Her YouTube network is primarily kid-friendly after 2017 together with KREW. She is currently 26 years old.

Is Funneh Korean?

ItsFunneh is a girl from Canada who posts gamer videos and vlogs about the journeys of her and also the Krew.

Is Betty the tallest member of Krew?

In her early days on YouTube, most of The KREW called her “Repaint” rather than Rainbow. She disapproval white delicious chocolate. She is the eldest of the 5 siblings. She is the fastest out of the 5 siblings, but typically amusingly mentions that she’s the tallest.

Who is G18?

Called the quiet, giggling dolphin dong. G18 is the finest in all games the Crew plays and also virtually never claims a word in any person’s video clips. He mostly uploads Minecraft along with occasional CS: GO as well as Slime Rancher video clips at the minute. G18 is rumored to be in a partnership with a fellow woman gamer.

How old is PaintingRainbows?

PaintingRainbows was born upon 10 September 1992. PaintingRainbows is 29 years of ages.

What is DraconiteDragon birthday?

DraconiteDragon was born upon 12 May 1998. DraconiteDragon is 24 years of ages.

How old is GoldenGlare?

GoldenGlare was born on 29 September 1993. GoldenGlare is 28 years old.

How old is lunar eclipse?

LunarEclipse was birthed on 28 February 1997. LunarEclipse is 25 years old.

How old is Draco from Krew?

Allen La (birthed: May 12, 1998 (1998-05-12) [age 24], much better recognized online as DraconiteDragon (or merely Draco), is a Canadian video gaming YouTuber understood for his Roblox as well as Minecraft gameplay video clips. He becomes part of the KREW together with his siblings PaintingRainbows, Lunar Eclipse, ItsFunneh, as well as GoldenGlare.

Is Krew Korean?

” The Krew contains talented and also passionate individuals who have fantastic passion in sharing and promoting Korean society in the Philippines. Initially dubbed as “KCC Advocates,” The Krew has actually been aiding the Korean Cultural Center (KCC) in the Philippines with its activities as main volunteers.”