How Old Is David From Camp Camp

When was David Born Camp Camp?

In episode 7, David’s Tinder profile discloses him to be 24 years old. Assuming that the episode occurs in 2016 since that’s when it broadcast, that would suggest he was birthed in 1992.

How old is Max from Camp Camp in 2021?

Max is an angry, seasoned ten-year-old that is extremely downhearted and also seems to abhor a wide range of things, including, however not limited to, every one of the services of Camp Campbell as well as David.

How old is Max from camp?

Camp Camp tells the tale of Max, a seasoned ten-year-old, who locates himself stuck at this inefficient summer camp. The negative Max will certainly need to endure annoyingly pleasant counselor David, the odd actors of campers, and unusual shocks every which way before he can leave for home.

Who is the oldest kid in Camp Camp?

In comparison to Dolph, Ered is the highest and also most likely the earliest camper of the camp.

How old is Neil in Camp Camp?

Fact. Although it has not been straight said by any character in the show, on page 4 of the Official Camp Camp Press Package, Neil is stated as being 11 years of ages.

Did David adopt Max?

“I do not have close friends.” Max stated coolly. “Truly?” David said. He sounded really stunned. David embraced Max.

How old is Jasper from Camp Camp?

Character details In the collection Camp Camp, Jasper is an eleven-year-old child formally a camper at Camp Campbell. Throughout his time registered, he did die and later disclosed on just how it took place. He occupies the island in the center of Lake Lilac, Spooky Island.

Why is Max at Camp Campbell?

Max is the only camper that was sent to Camp Campbell without any kind of genuine task in mind. His moms and dads simply forced him to go to summertime camp so they would not need to take care of him all summer season, as shown in “Moms and dads’ Day”. It is unknown what “Max” is short for, or if it even is a petite of anything at all.

What gender is Nerris from Camp Camp?

This is further justified that regardless of being a human woman, she claims she likes to identify as elf-kin in “Eggs Advantages”.

Who plays David in Camp Camp?

Michael Jones (who articulates Max in the series) has said several times that he is Max as well as Miles is David, with their real-life characters matching that of their personalities.