How Much Rotenone To Kill Fish

How is rotenone calculated?

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How do I kill all the fish in my pond?

A pond manager basically has three options to remove existing fish: drain the pond, stock plenty of large predatory fish (adult largemouth bass primarily are used for this purpose) or treat the pond with a piscicide (chemical that kills fish). Rotenone is the piscicide most often used to kill fish.

Can you buy rotenone?

Rotenone is a naturally occurring botanical substance found in the roots of certain tropical beans. Rotenone is registered as a restricted use pesticide by the EPA and the user must have a restricted use pesticide license to purchase the material.

How can rotenone cause death?

Rotenone causes inhibition of mitochondrial respiratory chain complex I, (NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase) and cell death by apoptosis due to excess generation of free radicals.

How do you poison a fish?

An efficient method of procuring fish is to crush husks from hickory nuts or black walnuts and throw them into the water to poison the fish. The poison works quickly and allows you to stay out of sight until it takes effect. It kills a number of fish at once, but it will not affect the person who eats the animals.

How fast does rotenone break down?

A. How fast rotenone breaks down is affected by temperature, light, oxygen and alkalinity. Generally, most treatments are made during summer months. At 80° F, treated water will detoxify naturally in less than four days.

What kills goldfish in a pond?

The most common cause of fish kills is suffocation due to lack of dissolved oxygen. Most dissolved oxygen is produced by algae and aquatic plants through photosynthesis. A lesser but also important source of oxygen in water is diffusion from the atmosphere, which is enhanced by wind-induced surface water turbulence.

Will rotenone kill catfish?

Rotenone kills fish by inhibiting cellular respiration and the ability to use dis- solved oxygen. In effect, the fish suffocate. Fish exposed to lethal rotenone concentrations move to the surface and gasp for oxygen as if the water was oxygen-depleted.

What chemicals can kill fish?

Fish kills from pesticides, chlorine, gasoline, fuel oil, ammonia fertilizer, acids, and other toxic chemicals are not as common in private ponds, but can occur.

Which powder is used to kill predatory fishes?

Bleaching powder or Calcium hypochlorite (CaOCl2) is another practical and safe fish toxicant. It kills all the predatory and weed fish of the pond when applied at the rate of 25–30 ppm. The method of application is also relatively simple.