How Much Rep Per Dungeon Run Tbc

Do you get rep for dungeons in TBC?

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What dungeons should I run for TBC rep?

Gaining reputation with Lower City requires running Auchenai Crypts, Sethekk Halls, and Shadow Labyrinth as well as completing quests and collecting Arakkoa Feather for turn in.

How hard are heroics in TBC?

It’s a little harder for them to do. going in with a good hunter for misdirect will help the bear/war with aoe threat. IIRC you only needed 1 or 2 CCs for heroic dungeons. They were hard at first because of the lack of gear but give it a month after hitting 70 and people will be blasting through them quite easily.

Do you need to be revered to do heroics TBC?

In TBC you will have to improve your reputation to Revered with 5 factions to unlock all the Heroic dungeons. The good news is that with further patches the required reputation will be reduced to Honored. The bad news is that you’ll still have to grind the reputation on all your alts.

How long do TBC dungeons take?

If you have the right class, the right guides, and the right tools, current estimates suggest that you can go from level 60 to 70 in TBC Classic primarily through questing in about 30-40 hours.

How many heroics can you do a day in TBC?

Heroic mode dungeons are on a lockout timer much like raids, and can only be run once a day per character. Each dungeon is on an independent timer, however, so a character could run as many as 15 heroic mode instances per day.

How do I farm TBC orgrimmar rep?

Reputation. Large amounts of Orgrimmar reputation can be gained in the following zones: Alterac Valley, Azshara, Blasted Lands, Durotar, Orgrimmar, Silverpine Forest, The Barrens, Stonetalon Mountains. You can also donate cloth to Rashona Straglash in Orgrimmar for additional reputation gains.

How much rep per Shattered Halls run TBC?

A full clear of Shattered Halls nets you about 1700 reputation points, trash mobs generally yield 6 or 12 each, with up to 150 points from bosses. Heroic trash yields 15-25 points, with bosses worth more. You can also continue to do the daily quest Hellfire Fortifications for 150 reputation per completion.

What do I need to run heroics TBC?

Heroic dungeons are in a unique state in The Burning Crusade where they will require a key as a type of attunement before the player is able to enter this harder difficulty. Basically, players will need to earn Revered reputation with the factions associated with that dungeon.

Is Kara harder than heroics?

I personally find most heroics harder than Kara. But if you have the right comp and experienced players, it can be a breeze. Did a 25 min heroic Shattered Halls run and my soul stone is still intact.