How Much Rep Is Gained From Neather Wing Eggs

How fast can you get exalted with netherwing?

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How much netherwing rep can you get in a day?

Friendly to Honored At this point, there are 7 daily quests to complete, granting a total of 1,350 reputation per day (assuming you have a gathering profession). New Daily Quests: Picking Up The Pieces(+350 Netherwing reputation)

Can you get all the netherwing Drakes?

Doing the quests is easy, choosing only one of these is the hard part! Netherwing drake mounts all summon Netherwing drakes, and all the PvE ones require Exalted status with Netherwing to acquire.

Are nether drakes in TBC Classic?

It looks like the drake itself isn’t obtainable yet, however. We expect it to be unlockable in a later phase of TBC Classic, but you can get started on the requirements now by working on your reputation with the Netherwing faction.

Where can I buy Nether Drakes?

— of the drakes assembled in the Lower City of Shattrath in order to receive a free Netherwing Drake mount. You may also buy any of the drakes from Drake Dealer Hurlunk at Netherwing Ledge, although again you must be Exalted with the Netherwing faction first.

Is netherwing rep in TBC Classic?

The Netherwing is a Shadowmoon Valley-based faction in TBC. Most of the reputation with them is obtained by doing quests, through repeatable turn-ins and dailies. The Netherwing offers the highly sought after Netherdrake mount.

How much does netherwing Drake cost?

You can pick one Netherwing drake for free after reaching an exalted reputation. However, the other 5 mounts must be bought from the vendor for 160 gold each.

How do you get Reins of the Cobalt Netherwing Drake?

The quest is to kill 5 Miners and 1 Foreman, to get to them go to the place with the flayers mentioned in the quest above and head to the right when given the choice.

How long do netherwing eggs spawn?

Eggs have about a 3 hour respawn rate, so once you go through hunting for eggs, go do the daily netherwing quests or log onto another character and do something else to pass time. If you’re lucky, it’ll only take a week or so to go from neutral to exalted and get a pretty nether drake.

Does Netherspite drop netherwing eggs?

0 (25-Sep-2007): Drops from Netherspite. Patch 2.1.