How Much Rep Is An Av Win In Wow Classic

How much is AV exalted mount?

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Why does Horde always lose Alterac Valley?

At least back in the day, Horde lost AV because of all the AFK cavejumpers, the fishers, the level 52 warriors screaming orders, all the people who would leave when Balinda was dead, and the magic summoning stick Alliance used whenever they were losing to get everyone in Tier 2.5 or greater to queue for AV at the same …

How do you win AV?

To achieve victory in Alterac Valley, players must kill the enemy General Vanndar Stormpike or Drek’Thar. This goal is made easier by destroying enemy bunkers/towers to reduce the number of elites (Marshals/Warmasters) guarding the General.

Where can I buy AV Rep rewards?

Alterac Valley Reputation Rewards These reputation rewards can be purchased from Quartermasters inside of Alterac Valley, or in Alterac Mountains outside of the battleground instance.

How much does the unstoppable force cost?

costs 125 gold and can be bought at exalted reputation.

How much is Alterac Valley mount?

You can buy this mount for 640g if you are Exalted and have PVP Rank 3.

How much gold is the AV mount?

It’s 800 gold. -10% discount from AV rep and it’s 720g. -10% discount from being honor rank sergeant or above and it’s 640g. Good luck in AV without an epic mount.

How much gold is epic mount?

The epic mount will cost you around 900 gold and it’s going to take some discipline in order for you to save gold and make your big purchase.

What level is AV TBC?

Yes this battle ground is for level 51-70 people but it will work excactly like the Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin systems work. You have a bracket that spans 10 levels. So they will be 2 AV brackets now. One will be 51-60 as it is now, and the next will be 61-70.

How does honor work in Alterac Valley?

For each game you play, you’ll earn 10 Honor simply for participating. If you win that game, you’ll earn an extra 10 Honor, for a total of 20. But the big catch happens when you play (and win) against a player of the opposing faction: in that case, you’ll earn 20 more Honor, for a final tally of 40.