How Much Rep From Suramar Questline

Do dungeons give Nightfallen rep?

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How much rep do you need to get exalted?

Neutral to Friendly: 3,000 points. Friendly to Honored: 6,000 points. Honored to Revered: 12,000 points. Revered to Exalted: 21,000 points.

How much ancient Mana do you need?

You should always have 400 Ancient Mana on hand to complete this scenario every three days.

What is the fastest way to get Nightfallen rep in Shadowlands?

Do the world quests in Suramar daily. Even without the withered training or the emissary quest, I average around 1500 rep per day after feeding the 3 nightfallen 50 mana each. Pretty much all world quests get unlocked as you go through the story, but make sure you unlock Life finds a way!

Can you buy Legion rep?

Purchase any Legion faction reputation carry straight to exalted and skip boring quest grinding and tedious daily farm. Get the fastest Legion rep boosting service from a team of professional players with a 100% guarantee on your order completion.

How do you get more than 3000 reputation in the new world?

You might notice that your reputation is capped at 3,000 in the early game. This is because you need to complete a quest to further your rank. To get past the 3,000 reputation cap, you need to complete the “Trial of the [Faction Rank]” quest, available at level 20.

Do GREY quests give rep?

Rep decay kicks in when you are 6 or more levels higher than your quest is. At low levels (6 and 7), quests turn grey when you are only 5 levels higher than the quest, but you can still do a level 2 quest at level 7 and get the full experience and rep for it.

Do you get rep from GREY quests?

You still earn both experience and reputation from completing gray quests, although the experience earned will be drastically reduced based on your level.

How do you unlock Nightborne in 2021?

Allied Races: Nightborne requires you to complete a short recruitment questline, available after you purchase Battle for Azeroth and complete the Achievement/Reputation requirements. You can pick it up in the Horde Embassy.

How old is Thalyssra?

^ Both Thalyssra and Elisande are at least 10,000 years old.