How Much Oil Goes In Forks On Harley Touring Bikes

How much oil does a front forks Harley take?

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How much fork oil do you put in forks?

typically you would overfill the forks and draw out the excess oil with a syringe/tube that is set a specific distance below the edge of the top of the fork tube, in roadracing you will see a lot of bikes running between 90-110mm fork oil level.

What happens if you put too much oil in Forks?

What is the effect of changing oil height? Adding oil to your forks reduces the air volume. Since air is compressible, a smaller airspace is harder to compress than a larger airspace, which results in a stiffer fork.

How much fork oil goes in a 2013 Street Glide?

Registered. 10.8 fluid oz or 319 ML per fork tube.

How do you measure fork oil on a motorcycle?

Just measure the oil from the outer tube top to the surface of the oil level. Be sure to place fork on a level surface.

How often should you replace fork oil?

Every 2 or 3 years is probably what most people will do (6-10K miles). The shock really shouldn’t go more than 2 years since it has a LOT less oil to begin with and gets worked a lot harder. Depending how many miles you ride every year it’s not a bad idea to replace fork seals every 12-15k as well.

What weight is Harley Davidson type E fork oil?

According to the Amsoil sites, Harley Type E oil is 10 wt.

Does changing fork oil make a difference?

Heavier oil will increase the effective damping, in other words the forks will move up and down a little slower and feel stiffer. Lighter weight oil will do the opposite, allowing the forks to move up and down faster and feel softer.

Is fork oil the same as hydraulic oil?

Fork oil is hydraulic oil, so i donĀ“t think there would be any problems if you use the one your dad can get. Fork oil has additional additives in it that help prevent foaming (VERY important for consistent damping) and also a few other additives in it that hydro fluid does not.

Is fork oil the same as engine oil?

As for the differences between motor oil and fork oil, the way they measure the “weight” is completely different, and fork oil has additives to keep it from “foaming” , plus other additives directly needed in the fork enviroment.