How Much Health Did Undyne Have

How strong is Undyne?

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How much damage does Undyne the undying do?

In the Genocide Route, these attacks deal 8-12 damage. She throws arrows from all sides at the protagonist in Green mode, including specifically slow and fast moving arrows, as well as arrows that flip the orientation that they are approaching from. These attacks do 5 damage per hit.

What race is Undyne?

“Undyne” derives from “Undine,” a womanly water nymph from Greek lore. It is also a play on “undying,” as Undyne does not die when reduced to zero health. When attempting to name the fallen human “Undyne,” the response becomes “Get your OWN name!” and prevents the name from being used.

Is Undyne stronger than Sans?

Undertale. Undyne The Undying is stronger than any monster in genocide, even sans.

What fish is Undyne?

Meet the fish that Undyne is based on, the piranha, or more specifically, Serrasalmus rhombeus, the blue diamond piranha. It matches Undynes appearance, with a sharp toothy grin, reddish large finned gills, sleek small dark blue scales, and eyes that look like they have vertical slit pupils.

What color is Undyne’s soul?

Green (Kindness) The Green Soul is a Soul that you encounter when you fight Undyne.

Does Undyne give you a spear?

Undertale. [SPOILERS] Undyne the Undying Giving you a spear. So in the pacifist fight with Undyne if you get hit with all of her attacks and try to mercy her she eventually say “Look. I gave you a spear to block the bullets with.

Why is Sans so short?

The reason Sans hasn’t died yet is because he doesn’t age, and that’s because Sans doesn’t have a soul. His body is only a shell of itself, not quite alive, but still there. This explains why he is SO short.

Does Papyrus have a crush on Mettaton?

Papyrus is a huge fan of Mettaton. If you call him while you’re at Hotland, he will describe Mettaton as his favorite sexy rectangle.

How did Underfell Papyrus get his scar?

Papyrus accepted the offer and became a member of the Royal Guard. Asgore declared that an act of defiance would not go unpunished and scraped his fingers across Papyrus’s right eye socket, giving him his scar.