How Much Does The Dragonslayer Weigh

How big is the Dragon Slayer sword?

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How much did Guts Raider sword weigh?

It is 100% handmade steel construction and features a hardened steel blade (Hardox brand AR450). As pictured, the sword blade is 42″ long and 4″ wide with 3/8″ thickness. The overall length is 63″ and the total weight is 24lbs. A full-size version would be roughly 84″ long with a 5″ wide blade 1/2″ thick.

Is it possible to swing Guts sword?

Still, even swinging a normal sword as fast as Guts does with his dragonslayer, is virtualy impossible.

How much does kirito’s sword weigh?

The Elucidator is Kirito’s primary sword, and a perfect gift for any SAO fan. This sword comes weighing a total of 5lbs and is all steel.

How heavy is Cloud’s sword?

Cloud’s Buster Sword weighs 80 pounds in real life – Destructoid.

How heavy is golden age Guts sword?

As pictured, the sword blade is 63″ long and 5″ wide with 1/2″ thickness. The overall length is 84″ and the total weight is 40lbs.

Is the Dragonslayer sharp?

Though it is emphasized that it can’t be called a sword (due to size, thickness, etc), it’s still sharp and the panels make it quite obvious to meEven in practice, at the end of volume 1, Guts cuts a soldier’s hands to free Puck from his grasp very cleanly.

How tall is Griffith Berserk?

Rage Of Berserk on Twitter: “Griffith: – Height: 1’78 m – Weight: 66 kg – Age: 24 years old” / Twitter.

How tall is Pippin Berserk?

Ya I figured this was the case when I read that Guts is 204cm (~6′ 8″) and Pippin was only ever 190cm (~6′ 3″).

What is Kirito’s strongest sword?

The Elucidator was Kirito’s first signature weapon and served as his primary weapon in many of his fights in Sword Art Online. When creating the Night Sky Sword in the Underworld, Kirito based it off of the Elucidator, giving it a similar length and color.