How Much Does The Cast Of Airplane Repo Man Make

How much is Mike Kennedy worth from airplane repo?

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What is Danny from airplane repo worth?

Danny Thompson is an American reality television personality who has a net worth of $400 thousand.

How much of airplane repo is staged?

In reality, Popovich himself has stated that later episodes of the show are not realistic. The further into Airplane Repo you go, the less realistic the show becomes. For example, later shows do indeed use “recreations” of what the show owners claim to be real events filmed in a fixed security camera style.

How much does Mike Kennedy make a year?

Mike Kennedy – $2 million. He says that the show’s only helped him get more clients for his plane repossession business. Known as “The Lone Wolf,” Mike has managed to earn a whopping $2 million for himself, according to Celebrity Net Worth, for his airplane reclaiming ways.

Is Airplane Repo scripted?

I’ve watched reality shows ever since MTV introduced them in the early 1990″s and admitted to the viewers that most dialogue was scripted. In addition most segments were reshot, edited, rewritten etc. Airplane Repo is sadly a total fake, please.

Where is Kevin Lacey now?

Lacey resides in McKinney, Texas where he co-owns the business Texas Air Fleet/Rangers.

Who is Danny Thompson?

Danny P. Thompson (born October 28, 1948) is an American race car driver and the son of the late motorsports entrepreneur Mickey Thompson. He began his career at age 9, winning his first quarter-midget championship one year later.

How much is Nick Popovich worth?

He is an “aircraft repossession specialist” who never finished college but who has a net worth of more than $2 million, drives a Bentley, chain smokes cigars, and owns the oldest aircraft repossession service in the world.

Who is Heather Sterzick?

‘Repo’ pilot. Heather Dirksen (née Sterzick) hasn’t let grass grow under her feet. She joined the U.S. Army at age 18 and has lived in South Korea; Abu Dhabi; Kosovo; and briefly in Afghanistan, where she was a contract air traffic controller.

Is Airplane Repo coming back in 2020?

Airplane Repo Cancelled — Discovery Channel Series Not Returning for Season 4. Produced by Underflow Films for the Discovery Channel, Airplane Repo is an American docu-series that follows repossession agents recovering aircraft and other high-value assets from those who fell behind on their loan payments.