How Much Does Royal Caribbean Pay Travel Agents

How much do Royal Caribbean staff get paid?

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What is the commission on a cruise?

It is typical for a travel agent to receive a commission somewhere in the range of 7-20%. Factors that affect the commission rate include the chosen cruise line, the cabin type purchased, the length of the cruise, the cost of the tickets, and the value of any add-ons.

Do travel agents get commission on cruise excursions?

For the most part, cruise lines do not pay commissions when travel agents book shore excursions. A few do. Others include shore excursions in the overall cruise fare, which means agents are, in essence, being paid commission on the whole inclusive package.

Do Royal Caribbean employees get free cruises?

Employee Benefits at Royal Caribbean Group Some additional benefits include 12 weeks of paid parental leave, employee discounts on cruises, and a complimentary seven-day cruise for employees and a guest after their first year of work.

Do travel agents cruise for free?

In truth, most of the time, travel agents don’t get free travel although they sometimes get discounts or a chance to keep the commission they would get on their own travel plans.

How can I be a travel agent?

Formal Training Needed to Become a Travel Agent Certificates of tourism can be very helpful, but so can previous training in marketing, hospitality, or even event planning. Ultimately, your knowledge of destinations, sales, itinerary planning, and booking software will be crucial for your career as a travel agent.

What is the role of travel agencies in the cruise ship?

“Travel agents provide the knowledge and expertise to guide their clients through this process, through considering budget and interests, identifying special offers and matching travellers with the right cruise vacation – essentially taking care of all the details.”

Do travel agents get discounts?

In addition to earning a living and helping their clients arrange trips and vacations, travel agents can earn travel discounts for hotel stays, car rentals, cruises and tours. While many travel agents work for travel agencies, some make the choice to strike out on their own or open their own business.

Does Royal Caribbean pay commission on excursions?

1. Earn 10% commission on your clients’ groups shore excursions when you book through our Groups Shore Excursions team. 2. Earn 5% referral fee when your clients book their individual shore excursions online at

Is it good to work for Royal Caribbean?

81% of employees at Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. say it is a great place to work compared to 57% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company.