How Much Does Revel Cost

How fast does a revel scooter go?

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Can you ride Revel from Brooklyn to Manhattan?

Traffic on New York City’s major bridges flows fast. While Revels can legally travel over many of these crossings, it can be a challenge for our less experienced riders with the speed curbed at 30 mph, so we prohibit it.

Is Revel a scooter or moped?

Revel is a dockless electric moped sharing startup based in New York City. Founded in 2018 by Frank Reig and Paul Suhey, it first started with a small pilot program in New York, later growing its fleet size in New York and expanding into Washington, D.C.

Do you have to wear a helmet on a Revel?

Helmets are mandatory when riding Revel. Before the start of every ride, both the driver and passenger are required to snap photos of themselves wearing helmets, which are then reviewed to confirm compliance.

Can I buy a revel moped?

The electric mopeds that Revel uses in D.C. are made by the Chinese company NIU; they sell about $3,000 to $5,000 if you want your own, and they are similar in price and capabilities to their gas-powered Vespa cousins.

What happens if you cross a bridge on a Revel?

Prohibited Bridges are always off limits and are clearly marked with a red warning sign in the app. If you ride on a prohibited bridge or tunnel, you may be suspended. Multiple violations will lead to permanent removal from Revel.

Can you revel to the beach?

You are welcome to ride anywhere within and outside the service area as long as you do not cross any major bridge or drive on the highway.

Can revel go on West Side highway?

Reminders. đź’ˇRevels are registered motor vehicles for roads with speed limits up to 30 mph. They are not allowed in bike lanes, sidewalks, on the highway, or on major bridges other than the allowed ones.

How do revels charge?

The standard pricing charges a fixed rate to unlock a moped and an insurance coverage fee, then a per minute rate (the per minute rates still apply while your rental is paused). The “Unlock Fee” is $1 (per passenger) and unlocks/turns on the moped.

Are revel scooters electric?

Our services are 100% electric today. From our rideshare drivers to our moped field technicians, Revel is powered by employees with access to healthcare and other benefits.