How Much Does Prop Repair Cost

Can you run a boat with a damaged prop?

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How much does a damaged prop affect performance?

Choosing the wrong prop, or continuing to use a prop that is damaged, can not only cause your boat to perform poorly, it can increase fuel consumption and even damage your engine and transmission. Here are five conditions that warrant a closer look at your prop.

Can my prop be repaired?

The bent blade, as long as it isn’t too bad, can usually be repaired and your prop can be used for years to come. Knicking can also be repaired, but you will be losing some of the prop, which can change the performance of the boat.

Is a chipped prop OK?

A dinged, bent or chipped propeller won’t work as it used to and can even affect the overall engine performance. Even if you examine yours on land and don’t see any aesthetic changes, keep in mind that the damage could be internal. It can affect your pitch and throw your entire boat off-kilter.

How do you know if your prop is bad?

Be sure to inspect your aluminum prop for excessive metal loss, extended cracks, or blades that are too thin. If you notice any of these, you likely need a replacement.

What causes propeller damage?

Face propeller cavitation occurs on the driving face of the propeller and is often due to an incorrect pitch distribution along the length of the blade resulting in the tip pitch being too small and the blade sections developing a negative angle of attack.

How much prop damage is too much?

If you have an aluminum prop, you should inspect for excessive metal loss (more than 10% of the blade area), extended cracks, blades that are too thin, or cavitation burns. If your prop has any of these issues, bite the bullet.

How do you prevent prop damage?

If you want to prevent damage to your prop in the first place, one of the best solutions that can protect it from underwater impacts is a propeller guard. Installing a boat motor propeller guard is simple and could save you a lot of money in repairs over the years.

When should I replace my prop?

A boat propeller needs to be replaced if any of the blade edges or all are broken or chipped by more than 10%-15%. However, the propeller’s condition would tell how long you can use it, so unless you hit something that resulted in dents or dings on the propeller no need to replace a boat propeller.

What does cupping your prop do?

Cupping the propeller provides a lot of benefits for relatively small changes to the blade form. Adding a cup changes the effective or nominal pitch by essentially adding camber to the blade shape. This camber helps reduce cavitation and increase performance.