How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Revel Scooter

How fast does a revel scooter go?

Our mopeds peak at 30 miles per hour (Due to this, you can not take it on the freeway or across major bridges) with a weight restriction of 330 extra pounds.

Do you have to pay for Revel?

Simple Rates: $5 single registration fee, $1 to unlock your flight, and also $0.39 per minute! We’re devoted to Accessibility! Revel o ers the Access program, which provides a 40% discount to those who are eligible by proactively taking part in any regional, state or federally carried out public help program.

Can you ride Revel from Brooklyn to Manhattan?

Traffic on New York City’s significant bridges moves fast. While Revels can legally travel over numerous of these crossings, it can be an obstacle for our less knowledgeable motorcyclists with the speed suppressed at 30 mph, so we restrict it.

Do you have to wear a helmet on a Revel?

Headgears are necessary when riding Revel. Prior to the begin of every flight, both the motorist and traveler are called for to break pictures of themselves putting on helmets, which are after that reviewed to confirm conformity.

Can I buy a revel moped?

The electrical mopeds that Revel uses in D.C. are made by the Chinese company NIU; they market about $3,000 to $5,000 if you want your very own, and also they are similar in cost and capacities to their gas-powered Vespa cousins.

What happens if you run a red light on a Revel?

Multiple infractions will result in long-term removal from Revel. If you run a traffic signal or quit indicator while operating a moped, you might be put on hold or required to take a necessary training prior to remaining to make use of the platform. Several offenses will certainly bring about permanent removal from Revel.

How much is revel a month?

$99/monthly cost * Features Included: Instinctive Factor of Sale. Inventory Management. Worker Administration.

How do you get a discount on Revel?

Relate to our Price cut Program We provide a 50% Gain access to Price cut to individuals who are qualified or proactively taking part in any kind of neighborhood, state or federally carried out assistance program. Revel Military and Veteran members will obtain a 40% price cut throughout all prices.

What happens if you cross a bridge on a Revel?

Prohibited Bridges are always off restrictions as well as are clearly marked with a red caution sign in the application. If you ride on a forbidden bridge or tunnel, you may be suspended. Multiple infractions will cause permanent removal from Revel.

Can you revel to the beach?

You are welcome to ride anywhere within and outside the service location as long as you do not cross any type of significant bridge or drive on the highway.