How Much Do Zyia Reps Make

How much of a discount do ZYIA reps get?

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How much does it cost to join ZYIA?

The starter kit is $295 US ($384 Canadian Kit includes a $130 gift card). There is also a recurring monthly fee of $15. The monthly fee covers access to your own personal website, training, reporting and personal development content. This business fee is waived if you’ve purchased or sold $600 within the current month.

How do I become a successful ZYIA rep?

To maintain your “active” status as a rep, you only have to sell/purchase $300 USD every 6 months. To earn commission, you have to sell at least $200 USD in a calendar month (1st of the month to the end of the month), but you will not lose your rep status if you do not sell anything in a given month.

What does ZYIA stand for?

According to a user from South Africa, the name Zyia is of Arabic origin and means “Glow, light”.

Is ZYIA like Lularoe?

This is a huge benefit for ZYIA Active reps. Unlike other companies such as Lularoe, reps do NOT have to keep the inventory, requiring large startup costs and having to personally ship each order to the customer. If you want to keep inventory and sell using that business model, you can – but it’s not required.”

How do you quit Zyia?

If you wish to voluntarily cancel your Representative Agreement with ZYIA ACTIVE, you must do so in writing. Please include your name and Representative ID number. The effective date of your cancellation may be up to 45 days after your request is received.


ZYIA Active CEO and Founder Named Entrepreneur Of The Year 2020, Utah Region Award Winner. We are pleased to announce that its CEO and founder Erin Bradley was recently named an Ernst & Young LLP (EY) Entrepreneur Of The Year® Utah Region Award winner.

Is Zyia a good company?

Is Zyia good quality? Yes, Zyia products are of great quality. Although you’ll agree with me that you get what you pay for, Zyia has made a name for themselves with the quality of products they products.

What is a ZYIA rep?

Being a Zyia rep means being a part of a community that empowers and uplifts women. Being a Zyia rep means connecting with people and helping them choose clothes that fit their needs. Being a Zyia rep means having flexibility and the ability to work from anywhere.

What is ZYIA return policy?

ZYIA ACTIVE offers a money-back guarantee on products returned within 30 days from the date of purchase. These products will be eligible for a refund or credit. Products must be returned in their original packaging and must be unopened and unused. The product must not be altered, damaged, or marked upon in any way.