How Many Users On Peloton Account

Can a family share a Peloton account?

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How do I add a family member to my Peloton account?

On the Peloton Bike, you’ll need to be added as a rider. On the Peloton app, have the subscription owner log in. Once logged in, you can go to the More tab → My Subscriptions → Select the Peloton Subscription you would like to add to → Click “Add Account” → Enter your username and tap “Add Account”.

Can two households share Peloton membership?

Our $39/month Peloton All-Access Membership will allow you access to unlimited content across 1 Bike and 1 Tread per household. Therefore, two of the same products in a household (i.e. two Bikes or two Treads) would require two separate memberships for content access on both devices.

Can my wife and I share a Peloton account?

You and your household** can use the All-Access Membership on the Peloton Bike, Peloton Bike+, Peloton Tread, Peloton Guide, and from your phone, tablet, TV and web browser using the Peloton App.As an individual user, you can use the Peloton App Membership on your phone, tablet, TV, and web browser with the Peloton App …

How do I add someone to my Peloton account?

Once you are logged in and at your home screen, press on menu button on the bottom right of your home screen and then select “Riders”. You can search for riders by pressing on the search bar beneath “Find Riders”. Enter your friend’s Peloton username to find their account, then add them as a friend.

Can you use Peloton app on multiple devices?

The new Peloton Digital can be streamed on three devices at once, allowing multiple people in one household to do different workouts at the same time, choosing from over 10,000 live and on-demand options.

How do you create a second account on Peloton?

On the paid membership account, you go into the membership settings and can add up to three accounts by typing in their username or email.

What is the difference between the Peloton app and subscription?

Peloton The $39 membership gives users access to exactly the same live and on-demand classes as the $12.99 membership. The main difference is that as this membership program is connected to the Peloton bike or treadmill, customers are able to track their performance and see their position on the leaderboard.

Can I use my friends Peloton membership on my bike?

It is not possible to use one membership on multiple Bikes — it can only be used on one Bike at a time. However, once you’ve created your account, you can log onto any Bike that already has an active subscription.

Can I log into someone else’s Peloton?

The way Peloton All-Access membership works is one account logged on a bike at a time, but almost no limit in terms of users: 20 profiles for one account. You just can’t use one account to ride on two different bikes at the same time.