How Many Oscars Did Good Will Hunting Win

Who won Oscars in Good Will Hunting?

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How many Oscars did Matt Damon?

Matt Damon Damon is another of Hollywood’s biggest names to have never scooped an Oscar win – despite coming close on three occasions. In 1998, he lost out after being nominated for Good Will Hunting (though he did manage a win in the Best Original Screenplay category).

Is Matt Damon a genius?

According to reports, Matt Damon’s IQ is as high as 160, which puts him in the same group as both Tarantino and Hawking — a strange trio to be sure.

Who won the most acting Oscars?

Katharine Hepburn won four Academy Awards (all for Best Actress), more than any other actor or actress in the history of the award.

Has Ben Affleck won Best Director Oscar?

Ben Affleck’s Oscar snub for Best Director and Best Actor nominations for “Argo” was nearly a decade ago, but it’s one he never forgot. At the time, despite trying to downplay it in red carpet interviews in the days that followed, Affleck was very sore about it. And the bruise still remains.

Has Ben Affleck won an Oscar for Best actor?

American actor and filmmaker Ben Affleck has received many awards and honors throughout his career. He is the recipient of two Academy Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, two BAFTA Awards, and two Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Who is the youngest Oscar winner?

7. Youngest Oscar Winner. The youngest ever Oscar winner is actress Tatum O’Neal who was only 10 years old when she won Best Supporting Actress for the film ‘Paper Moon’.

Did Ben Affleck or Matt Damon attend Harvard?

As undergraduates, Damon, 42, attended Harvard University but did not graduate, while Affleck, 40, lasted just one semester at the University of Vermont.

What is the average IQ in America?

Most people (about 68 percent) have an IQ between 85 and 115. Only a small fraction of people have a very low IQ (below 70) or a very high IQ (above 130). The average IQ in the United States is 98.

What was Will Hunting’s IQ?

In film trivia, Good Will Hunting the 1997 film about a Boston child prodigy William Hunting, to a near 90% overlap, was based on the true life story of IQ 225+ cited Boston ‘Southie’ William Sidis (1898-1944) a Harvard-trained, MIT-working, war-protesting, officer-assaulting, FBI-followed (film: CIA recruited), asylum …