How Many Health Packs Can Sombra Have Hacked

What Ults can Sombra hack?

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How long do health packs stay hacked?

When it come to health packs, there’s no reduction in cooldown length when you hack those. Packs will stay hacked for 30 seconds, rather than a minute.

How much damage does Sombra do per shot?

Comparatively, Sombra’s Machine Pistol fires every 0.05 seconds with 8 damage per bullet, which equates to 160 damage per second without headshots. Widowmaker can’t out-damage a Sombra even with Venom-Mine.

Does Sombra hack remove shields?

Sombra discharges electromagnetic energy in a wide radius, destroying enemy barriers and shields and hacking all opponents caught in the blast.

Does Sombra EMP remove Lucio ULT?

Hacking: Ana, Lucio, Mercy, Symmetra, Zenyatta Ult cannot be stopped by hack or EMP.

What is Sombra’s real name?

Sombra’s biography is provided through additional Overwatch media including the Overwatch digital comics. Her real name is Olivia Colomar, revealed in the “Searching” online comic.

What does Sombras ULT mean?

Sombra is a Mexican hacker who is in the rival group Talon. As she is from Mexico she usually speaks Spanish. An ult is a characters ultimate ability, or hero ability. Sombra’s ult is, “Apagando las luces” which translates to “lights out” in English. Sombra is an elite infiltrator.

Is Sombra a Hitscan?

These characters use hitscan as their primary weapons: Ana, Ashe, Bastion,, McCree, Reaper, Soldier:76, Sombra, Tracer, Widowmaker, and Zarya.

Can Sombra hack turrets?

Luckily for Sombra mains, a special trick with her Translocator can disable the turret, allowing you to focus the backline, destroy the turret and build up for EMP. Activision Blizzard Sombra is always a threat while invisible.

Does Sombra EMP remove shields?