How Many Feet Above Sea Level Is Chicago

What is Illinois State lowest point?

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Is Illinois on high elevation?

Illinois’ mean elevation of 600 feet above sea level ranks it 39th among the states. It’s lowest point, as you might expect is along the Mississippi River in Alexander County where it bottoms out at 279 feet above sea level.

What US city has highest elevation?

Highest Elevation City in the United States In terms of cities, Leadville in Colorado is the highest statutory city in the United States. Leadville is located in Lake County, Colorado and has an elevation of 10,152 feet (3,094 m). It’s an old silver mining town with an estimated population of around 2,600 people.

What is the altitude of New York City?

Elevation of New York City Despite having some of the tallest buildings in the world and being well-known for its towers and skyscrapers, New York City has a very low elevation of just 33 feet (10 m) above sea level.

Why is Illinois so flat?

In some places, the moraines blocked the melt waters and formed large lakes that, for a short time, covered hundreds of square miles. These old lake beds are now the parts of Illinois that are really flat!

What is the coldest month in Illinois?

On average, January is Chicago’s coldest month, but it’s not necessarily the coldest month in any given winter. Long-term temperature averages at Midway Airport (1929-2011) rank January as the city’s coldest month with 23.9 degrees followed by February at 27.9 degrees and December at 28.9.

How long does it take to drive through Illinois top to bottom?

At 291 miles, the Illinois River Road is the longest of the scenic byways that begin and end within the state’s borders. Divided into two sections—the northern and the southern—the byway is in the north-central part of the state, and takes approximately seven hours to drive.

Are there any hills in Chicago?

Think of a hill you’ve seen around the Chicago area. There’s a good chance it’s a landfill of garbage or some combo of soil, gravel and sand. The hills of Hegewisch — technically the tallest land masses within the city limits by about 100 feet — are mostly off-limits because of their toxicity.

How far above sea level is Illinois?

The mean elevation of Illinois is 600 feet above sea level. Charles Mound, a hill in Jo Daviess County, has an altitude of 1,235 feet above sea level, at its highest point.

Is Denver the highest city?

Denver, United States Labeled as the Mile High City, owing to its elevation of exactly a mile above sea level (1,610 meters), Denver is the second highest city in North America.