How Many Cans Will Fit In A 25 Quart Cooler

How many cans can 20 quart cooler hold?

To put 20 quarts right into perspective, the Giantex 20 quart cooler can store 20 containers as well as 14 pounds of ice. One more aspect to bear in mind is the size of time that it’ll maintain your meals chilly. This can vary from brand to brand, but any kind of 20 quart cooler should quickly last a weekend break journey.

How many 12 oz cans will a 20 quart cooler hold?

This colder keeps your food & drinks colder longer as well as holds up to 24 containers plus ice. The colder is outfitted with a durable stainless-steel take care of that locks upright for very easy one-handed transportation. You can really take this cooler anywhere! Weight: 19 pounds.

How many cans can a 28 quart cooler hold?

The Coleman 28-Quart Cooler can hold 36 twelve-ounce canisters as well as is tall enough to hold 2-liter bottles upright. It has a big bail handle as well as a practical hinged cover.

How many cans fit in a 16 qt cooler?

Description. Keep your food as well as beverages chilly, as well as keep the fun going, for up to 2 days when you roll in with a Coleman 16-Quart Performance Wheeled Cooler. Huge enough to hold 22 containers, you’ll have lots of room for drinks for a whole team.

How big is a 24 can cooler?

You’ll be the life of the party when you take along the Coleman 24 Can Celebration Stacker Cooler to your following event. Not limited to tinned beverages, the large base fits 13 x 9 in. offering dishes, so you can conveniently pack something for everybody.

How many cans fit in a 14 qt cooler?

The 14QT Personal Cooler has a cold zone which perfectly fits a 6-pack of containers and also 2 1lb Pelican Ice bag. Maintain food cooled and over the ice in the internal tray that includes this personal colder.

How many cans does a 14 qt cooler hold?

A High Performance Cooler From Pelican This cooler, like all Pelican coolers, is also real to capacity, which suggests you have a full 14 quarts inside to use as you require to! This is the ideal lunch box colder due to the fact that when you follow the 2:1 ice proportion, you’ll have space for 6 tinned beverages plus food.

How many cans can a 30 quart cooler hold?

When it’s time to take a lunch, take it anywhere with a Coleman ® 30 Quart Expedition ® Colder. Big adequate to hold 51 canisters as well as tall enough to hold 2-liter bottles upright, you’ll have plenty of space to load a square meal for numerous individuals.

How many cans can a 40 qt cooler hold?

Product Description. Keep your food and also drinks cool, and keep the fun going, for as much as 3 days when you roll in with a Coleman 40 Quart Efficiency Rolled Colder. Huge adequate to hold 59 containers, you’ll have plenty of space for refreshments for a whole team of people.

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