How Many Calories In Gasoline

How many Calories is in uranium?

Uranium has regarding 18 million kCal per gram (those are food Calories; resources C), or about 18 billion calories per gram (those are heat calories).

How many calories are in diesel alcohol?

There are 190 calories in 1 oz (28 g) of Everclear Grain Alcohol.

How many calories does a liter of diesel have?

Yet the diesel was reported as calories. There are 1000 calories in a CalorieSo that liter of diesel includes sufficient energy to keep a person to life for around 4 days.

How many calories is in Mercury?

There are 80 calories in Mercury Hard Cider (6.9% v/v) per 100 grams.

How many calories are in antimatter?

Making use of the convention that 1 kiloton TNT equivalent = 4.184 × 1012 joules (or one trillion calories of power), one half gram of antimatter responding with one fifty percent gram of common issue (one gram total) leads to 21.5 kilotons-equivalent of energy (the like the atomic bomb went down on Nagasaki in 1945).

What fuel does SpaceX use?

SpaceX currently uses a kerosene-based rocket fuel to power its Falcon 9 rockets.

How much gas does a spaceship use?

At liftoff, the two Solid Rocket Boosters eat 11,000 extra pounds of gas per secondly. That’s 2 million times the price at which gas is burned by the average family members auto.

Which liquor is lowest in calories?

According to study, vodka is the alcohol with the lowest calories, at around 100 calories per shot. Whisky is a little more, at roughly 110 calories, with gin and also tequila also at 110 calories a shot.

What is the highest proof alcohol?

High-proof alcohols can legitimately increase to 192 proof in the United States. The strongest alcohol you’ll locate on a shelf in the United States is the Polish vodka, Spirytus, coming in at 192 evidence or 96 percent alcohol. For recommendation, this is an also higher alcohol content than Everclear, which contains 95 percent alcohol.

Who eats the most calories a day?

The idea, as clarified in the introduction, was to see if I might eat 35000 calories in one day, as well as set the record for the most eaten in one 24 hr period. The current document holder is Erik The Electric, who’s 30,000 calorie cheat day was incredible to enjoy.