How Long Would It Take To Hike Ireland

Is Ireland good for hiking?

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What is the longest hiking trail in Ireland?

At 500 kilometers, The Beara-Breifne Way is Ireland’s longest walking trail and allows walkers to hike from Cork to Leitrim. Linking 10 counties and four provinces, the Way was the largest community-based project undertaken in the country.

How long is a typical day hike?

Every hiker and trail is different, but on average, you can hike 8-15 miles a day [4]. Even the slowest hikers can cover a considerable distance if they have the time to spare. At a pace of 2 mph (slower than average), you can comfortably hike 10 miles in a day.

What is the best month to go to Ireland?

The best time to visit Ireland is between March and May, and September to November, when it’s not as crowded as it is in summer, or as cold as it is in winter. That said, Ireland has a mild, temperate climate and although it’s rainy at times, you can visit all year round.

What is the hardest hike in Ireland?

In first place on our list of the top five most difficult hikes in Ireland is Carrauntoohil in County Kerry.

How many hiking trails are in Ireland?

For such a small island, Ireland punches well above its weight when it comes to hiking options. There are some 954 developed trails all over the country (check out for the full list), with vastly differing landscapes.

Is there wilderness in Ireland?

However, it is also appropriate, as the surrounding bog and forest have recently been designated as Ireland’s first official wilderness area, known as Wild Nephin. It’s hard to find many other places that are more than 4km from a road.

How long is the Dingle Way?

The Dingle Way is one of over 30 Irish long-distance walking trails. Situated in the south-west of the Ireland, the walk completes a circuit of the Dingle Peninsula, starting and finishing in Tralee, the capital of Kerry. The trail is 179km long and takes an adult who is reasonably fit an average of 8-9 days to walk.

How long should your first hike be?

Pick A Hike for Beginners If you’re just starting out, pick a hike under 5 miles with minimal climbing. If you want to do a longer hike, make a training plan in advance.

Can you hike 20 miles a day?

So, can you hike 20 miles a day? Yes, you can hike 20 miles a day, but you need the right kind of fitness in order to back it up day after day. It is possible to hike 20 miles without being super fit, although you most likely will be quite sore the next day.