How Long Will A Tire Plug Last

Is plugging a tire a permanent fix?

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Are tire plugs reliable?

Tire plugging should be a temporary fix for a damaged tire and not a permanent solution for proper tire repair. It is safe to drive with a tire plug for a short time, as the intent of the repair is to allow the car to be drivable so that you can reach the tire store.

Can a plugged tire blowout?

Repair the tread with a plug, and repair the lining with a patch. Repairs cannot overlap. Never repair a large hole or one that’s in the sidewall. It isn’t safe and could lead to a dangerous blowout.

What’s better a plug or a patch?

With so much conflicting opinion and information regarding tire plugs and tire patches, the choice is yours. Both will fix and maintain a nail puncture or tear in the tread of most tires. Sidewall damage can sometimes be repaired by a radial patch but sidewall damage usually means replacing the tire entirely.

Can you plug a tire twice in the same place?

Punctures can be repaired if the hole is a quarter-inch across or less. Some manufacturers may also say a tire should be repaired no more than twice or prohibit repairs if two punctures are within 16 inches of one another. More serious damage to a tire, such as gashes or long cuts, cannot be repaired.

Can I plug tire without taking it off?

Typically, you don’t even need to remove the tire and wheel from the vehicle to plug the hole in the tire. You just locate the puncture, which is easier if the item that caused the hole is still present. Remove the object, install one or more plugs into the hole, trim the plugs, and air the tire back up.

How much does plugging a tire cost?

While repairing your tire at a shop will run you anywhere between $10 to $20, purchasing your own kit will cost you about $9.

Can you drive on the highway with a plugged tire?

A proper repair job with a plug-patch results in a tire able to hold air indefinitely — that is, unless you get another puncture. It is safe to drive your vehicle like this as long as the tire’s useful life.

How big a hole in a tire can be plugged?

The size of the hole must be no larger than 0.25 inches and must be located on the tread of your tire. If the puncture is on the shoulder or sidewall, then you will need to replace the tire. The angle of the puncture also makes a big difference in the effectiveness of a plug.

Can you patch a tire with a staple in it?

It won’t work it’s way out. The staple may not have yet penetrated the inner seal inside the tire. That would be ideal because no fix would be needed. If it has penetrated the tire, pulling it will cause the tire to quickly loose air.