How Long Is Snoqualmie Pass

Is it safe to drive through Snoqualmie Pass?

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How do you avoid Snoqualmie Pass?

Snoqualmie is the lowest of the Cascade mountain passes. You can avoid mountain passes only by traveling south to the Columbia River, through the Columbia Gorge, then back north once you’re east of the Cascades.

Is Snoqualmie Pass steep?

There is about a 2 mile stretch just before the summit that is a very, very steep grade. A lot of semi’s do 35-45 on this stretch, cars randomly break down off to the side here….

Do I need chains to drive through Snoqualmie Pass?

Snoqualmie Pass on Twitter: “I-90 is open. Chains are required on all vehicles except AWD/4WD.

Are you required to have chains in your car over Snoqualmie Pass?

If the pass report says they are required, you must chain up. If not, you could face a big fine. Studded tires don’t satisfy that requirement. If you have all wheel drive, you only have to put chains on your car if the pass report says chains are required on all cars.

Why is i 5 closed in Seattle today?

On the I-5 southbound express lanes just north of Mercer St there is a disabled vehicle partially blocking the right lane. Done-On SR 99 northbound & southbound at 1st Ave S Bridge all lanes closed today at 8:57 AM for boat traffic.

Are the passes in Washington closed?

Conditions: SR-410 Chinook Pass is closed for the season due to adverse road and weather conditions. Eastbound traffic is closed at milepost 57, Crystal Mountain Boulevard, 12 miles west of the summit.

Which Pass is higher Stevens or Snoqualmie?

Snoqualmie Pass has the lowest elevation of the three east–west mountain routes across Washington State that are kept open year-round, along with Stevens Pass (US 2) to the north, and White Pass (US 12) to the south.

What grade is Snoqualmie Pass?

This is where I-90 passes over the Cascade mountains through Snoqualmie Pass. This portion of I-90 is a two- to three-lane, divided freeway, with a 65 mph (104.6 km/h) speed limit. The alignment includes numerous curves and has grades of up to 5 percent.

Are snow socks legal in Washington?

Washington State: According to the Washington State Patrol, when “Chains Required” signs are posted, the following snow socks are approved for use for vehicles or vehicle combinations over 10,000 lb: With five or fewer axles: “AutoSock” brand snow socks (the Washington regulations specify this brand)