How Long For Water Strider Rep

How do I get another angler water strider?

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Does the azure water strider walk on water?

With patch 8.2, the Water Strider mount will no longer walk on water unless the appropriate mount equipment is used. The item is sent to all characters level 100+, if the player has either of the Water Striders in their mount collection. Players can also purchase the Inflatable Mount Shoes regardless of reputation.

How do you get Nat Pagle?

Nat Pagle is a famous fisherman who was previously located in Dustwallow Marsh, but is now located in Pandaria as a daily quest giver with his own Friend faction, Nat Pagle (faction). He can now be found at Anglers Wharf in Krasarang Wilds.

Does azure water strider not working?

If you’re certain that there is an issue and nothing is missing on your part, go near the surface of the water and mount your Water Strider if you aren’t already on it. Now unmount and log out of the game. Log back in only after a few moments and get on top of the Water Strider again.

What profession makes inflatable mount shoes?

This item is created with Kul Tiran and Zandalari Blacksmithing (150); taught by trainers.

How do I get the water strider mount?

You need to have a total of 5250 x Timewarped Badge across all your accounts. Buy a total of 105 x Commendation of The Anglers which costs 50 x Timewarped Badge each. The Commendation of The Anglers is Bind to Account so you can mail them a single character to unlock the Reins of the Azure Water Strider mount.

How do I get anglers rep?

The Anglers are a faction of fishermen that you will find at the Anglers Wharf in the Krasarang Wilds. After reaching level 90, you will be able to increase your reputation with the Anglers through daily quests.

Where do you get Flying Tiger gourami?

The Flying Tiger Gourami is fished up from inland water sources that are moving; rivers and streams. The Spinefish Alpha is fished up from inland stagnant water sources; lakes/ponds and such. You just have to move bodies of water to acquire all three rep items.

Where can I find feralas ahi?

This fish is found in the Verdantis River in Feralas. The river is in central Feralas, west of Camp Mojache, where the mountains dip south. Make certain the label on your mini-map says “Verdantis River” or you are in the wrong place.

Where do you fish in Spinefish Alpha?

The Spinefish Alpha can be fished up from inland sha-infested waters in Kun-Lai Summit and the Dread Wastes. This is one of three rare fish that Nat Pagle is looking for and will provide 500 reputation with his personal faction down at Anglers Wharf in Krasarang Wilds.