How Long Does Vessi Take To Ship

Do Vessi shoes make your feet stink?

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Do Vessis get dirty?

It is a breathable fabric that stretches with the foot shape of the runner. Unfortunately, it can get dirty quite easily as you move through dirt or mud while exercising. The best way to clean these sneakers is to gently rub the stains with a towel soaked in the cleaning solution and wipe it over with a soft wet rag.

Should I size down Vessi?

Vessis fit true to size! So, go with your most common US sneaker size. The only exception to this is our Weekend collection in women’s sizes. Those run big, so size down one number from your most common shoe size.

Are Vessis actually waterproof?

Founded in 2018, Vessi is a Vancouver-based startup specializing in sneakers that are lightweight, breathable, and 100% waterproof. Their shoes use a knit material called Dyma-tex, which allows heat and moisture in the form of sweat to escape, but prevents water from entering.

Can I put Vessis in the washing machine?

YES! This is one of our most exciting new features. Your Weekend Sneakers are machine washable. Make sure to remove the insoles first and wash them in cold water under a gentle cycle!

Are white Vessis stain proof?

It’s important to know that the sole isn’t designed to be stainproof and that things like mud being left on for too long can create long-lasting stains. Here’s a handy YouTube video if you want to check it out as well.

Is Vessis mud proof?

Beyond their wardrobe versatility, Vessi shoes are one of the rare, truly all-season options on the market. They don’t just work in the rain—the lightweight shoes also keep your feet protected from wind, snow, mud, and sand.

Can you put Vessi everyday shoes in the washing machine?

Vessi recommends that you wash your Vessi shoes with warm water and soap, and then air-dry them. They can not be washed in the machine. You will destroy the waterproof properties of your Vessi shoes if you toss them into the machine for a wash.

Are Vessi shoes too hot?

Even in the blazing hot Summer, he didn’t experience any overheating when wearing these sneakers. However, something to note is that Vessi sneakers are only waterproof on the outside, not the inside. They’re not made for swimming and like any other shoe, they can be damaged too.

Do Vessi shoes breathe?

The waterproof knit material that comprises Vessi shoes is made to keep water out of your shoe while allowing your feet to breathe at the same time.