How Long Does It Take To Drive Through North Carolina On I 95

How long does it take to get through SC on 95?

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How long does it take to drive through Virginia on i-95?

The i-95 covers a distance of aprox. 179 miles in length across the state of Virginia. It takes aprox. 2 hours & 59 minutes to travel 179 miles with a driving speed averaging 60 mph.

How far off 95 is Charlotte NC?

Can I drive from Route 1 & I 95 N to Charlotte? Yes, the driving distance between Route 1 & I 95 N to Charlotte is 733 miles.

What is the longest state on I-95?

Interstate 95 runs for 382 miles (615 km), making Florida’s portion the longest of any state the interstate passes through. The southernmost 87 miles (140 km), from Exit 1 to Exit 87B, is known as the Miami Memorial Metropolitan (MMM) Expressway.

How many exits are there on I-95 in North Carolina?

21 Great I-95 Exits in North Carolina That Lead to Adventures.

What state is the longest to drive through north to south?

It would take nearly 24 hours and 1,073 miles to travel from Homer, Alaska, to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, on the Arctic Ocean. North-south is the longest stretch of road in Alaska that you can travel in a substantially straight line.

How far off 95 is Raleigh NC?

I would say that Raleigh is approximately 30 to 45 minutes from Interstate 95.

How many miles across is North Carolina?

From Manteo in the east to Murphy in the west, North Carolina is 560 miles wide, making it the widest state east of the Mississippi.

How many miles is North Carolina?

North Carolina covers 53,821 square miles (139,396 km2) and is 503 miles (810 km) long by 150 miles (241 km) wide.

What cities are along 95 in South Carolina?

As you travel through the Lowcountry on Interstate 95, you will find convenient rest stops, restaurants and hotels. Some of the towns that provide these services include Walterboro, Yemassee, Point South, Ridgeland and Hardeeville.