How Long Does Di2 Battery Last

How long does it take to charge a Di2 battery?

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How often do you need to replace Di2 battery?

The easy answer is: when it no longer holds charge or depletes very quickly. Shimano say their battery is rated for 300 full charge cycles. This means that if you charge the battery every other week it should be good for about 11 years.

Why does my Di2 battery keep going flat?

There are a couple of variables that can affect battery life. Temperature, the amount and frequency of your rides, wireless unit usage, battery age and shift habits (the front derailleur consumes about 4 times more energy per shift than the rear derailleur).

Can I use Di2 while charging?

You can still use your Di2 shifters while the battery is charging (the derailleurs move and the charge light remains lighted).

Is Di2 waterproof?

Waterproof. Shimano reckon Ultegra Di2 is completely waterproof. They say it’ll be fine even if you’re driving along the motorway in the rain with your bike attached to a rack.

How do I check battery level on Di2?

Checking the main Di2 battery charge level is really easy – you just press the rear derailleur button. Pressing the button for 0.5 seconds or less will turn on the LED, indicating the remaining battery charge.

What does a green and red light mean on di2?

If you see a green light for about two seconds, you have a fully charged battery. If a green light flashes five times, the battery is at about 50 per cent. A solid red light means about 25 per cent of the battery’s charge left. A flashing red means that it’s almost dead.

Does my Di2 have Bluetooth?

It’s now possible to add Bluetooth connectivity to your Di2 bike and this post is to tell you how and why you might want to do this. Those of us with Di2 groupsets might not be aware that Shimano are rolling out regular firmware updates as they fine tune and add further functionality to their Di2 platforms.

How do I connect my phone to my Di2?

Start the app and connect Once you’ve downloaded the app put your bike in connection mode by pressing the button on your junction box until the red and green LEDs start flashing alternately. Make sure your phone/tablet’s Bluetooth is switched on and tap the bike you’d like to connect to.

How much does it cost to add Di2?

An Ultegra Di2 front derailleur will set you back about $560, while Dura-Ace Di2 is about $780. Ultegra Di2 shifters are $445; Dura-Ace Di2 are nearly double that at $930.