How Long Does Camp America Last For

What months are Camp America?

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How long is a Camp America interview?

90 min face to face interview asking various questions about why I think I would be a suitable candidate.

Can you drop out of Camp America?

If you withdraw from the programme: before placement. a) Substantial expenses are incurred by Camp America on your behalf while your application is considered by Camp Directors. If you withdraw following a successful interview, you will forfeit all instalments paid.

Is Camp America good for your CV?

Camp America is a fantastic way to enhance your CV. You’ll step outside your comfort zone and gain new employability and life skills whilst having the best summer ever. Camp America is a fantastic way to enhance your CV.

Can you do Camp America as a couple?

Can me and my friend/partner get placed together? Camp America don’t accept joint applications. As we’re a cultural exchange programme, we believe it’s something that should be experienced by yourself and the camps also prefer this!

How much do you get paid at Camp America?

As a first year applicant you can expect to earn between $800-$1350 from your placement. Due to recent changes to the tax laws in the U.S. all J1 participants will now have taxes deducted from their pocket money and be required to complete a US Tax Return form after their return to their home county.

What do they ask you in a Camp America interview?

Typical Summer Camp Interview Questions: These are usually some of the questions you will be asked: ‘Why do you want to work at a camp and be a camp counselor? ‘ ‘What qualities do you have that would want us to hire you as camp counselor?

What do you wear to a Camp America interview?

Then there’s the question of, what do I wear? and there’s no set requirements, wear what you feel comfortable in. Obviously it’s nice to see you’ve made an effort, but you don’t have to go through the efforts of getting suited and booted, a pair of jeans and nice t-shirt is perfect!

How long are summer camps in America?

Most Summer Camps start between mid-May and late-June and run for about 9 weeks. You’ll spend 9 to 12 weeks out in America as part of your Summer Camp experience.

How long is a Camp America placement?

Although all of the camps that we work with have varying programmes and dates, we do ask that all applicants are available to be at camp for a minimum of 9 weeks. This is the typical placement length for most camps but it can be slightly more or less.