How Long Does Bondo Repair Last

Is Bondo permanent?

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Will Bondo fall off?

Eventually the filler will shrink and possibly crack, or even pop off! The general rule of thumb is that if the dent it deeper than 1/8” you need to do metal work first.

Can you Bondo over rust?

To Bondo or Not to Bondo Minor surface rust can often be sanded and painted, but major rust pitting and holes may require a little more effort and material — specifically, Bondo or some other quality body filler. However, Bondo shouldn’t be used on every kind of rust hole.

Can I Bondo over Bondo?

Yes, you can layer bondo over bondo as much as necessary with no problem.

Does Bondo absorb water?

The reason why Bondo doesn’t get wet easily is one of the ingredients used – plastic resin. This material doesn’t absorb water. This, therefore, makes it hard for the Bondo to get wet. The way plastic resin is formulated, it absorbs water just like a sponge does.

Does Bondo harden without hardener?

Without it the bondo won’t get hard. Put a small piece of bondo on a board and run a line of hardener from end to end. It will take about five minutes to mix it up and apply it.

Is Bondo brittle?

Too much hardener will cause the cured material to become brittle and crack, while too little delays a cure almost indefinitely.

Do you need primer over Bondo?

Do You Need To Prime Bondo Before Painting? To help your top coats adhere to the metal, you should use a “direct to metal” primer (DTM), but it is not usually necessary under body filler. Once the metal is primed, you can apply a “filler primer” (2K) to hide scratches and minor surface scratches.

Should you primer before body filler?

For small repairs, you can bog directly over the bare metal. If the repair is larger, or you’re looking for a longer-lasting job, apply a base coat of epoxy primer before laying on the filler.

How long does Bondo take to dry?

Allow the putty to dry 15 minutes at 77 degrees F (25 degrees C). In cooler climates, putty may take 20-30 minutes to dry. 7. Using 3M™ Sandpaper 80 grit, sand and shape the filled area to the contour of the surface.