How Long Does A Toe Link Repair Take

Do I need an alignment after replacing the rear toe link?

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What happens when a toe link fails?

According to, even a loose toe link “… may cause the vehicle to veer uncontrollably. An affected vehicle may start swerving from side to side, increasing the risk of colliding with other vehicles and oncoming traffic. This is very dangerous.

How does rear toe affect handling?

Toe adjustments on the rear tires also have an effect on car handling. Toe-in on the rear creates understeer, which can help with cars that are oversteery on exit. The tradeoff is wear and heat in the rear tires. Toe-out on the rear is generally wrong, as you’re likely to get more oversteer on exit.

What is a rear toe link separation?

If the threads in the link become too worn out, the link may separate. This separation, if it occurs while the vehicle is being driven, creates sudden vehicle instability and greatly increases the risk of a crash as drivers can lose control of the vehicle.

What is the purpose of a toe link?

The toe link keeps the rear suspension stable and keeps the tires on the ground.

What is a toe link ball joint?

This ball joint is a direct replacement for your stock unit. This component takes some abuse so should be inspected periodically. It connects your toe link to your upright. If you see any signs of necking or cracking or if the rubber boot is torn, the part should be replaced.

What is the purpose of a lateral link?

The lateral link is a component of the suspension. Its purpose is to limit the side-to-side movement of the suspension. Typically, there are a pair of lateral links (there are some manufacturers that use a single link) that take the place of a lower control arm.

What year Ford Explorers are being recalled?

Affected vehicles include various 2020-2022 Explorer models, including the Explorer Hybrid and Explorer Plug-In Hybrid. Some 2020-2021 Explorer Police Interceptor SUV and hybrid models are also affected by the recall.

Does toe in affect acceleration?

Toe In. Running toe in on the rear wheels will increase the acceleration and reduce the top speed of the car due to the increased grip within the tyre.

Can rear toe affect steering?

Toe-in is considered positive toe (+), and toe-out is considered negative toe (-). A vehicle’s rear toe setting affects its steering wheel position.