How Long Do Mickey Mouse Fish Stay Pregnant

How do I know when my platy fish is going to give birth?

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How long are fish pregnant for?

Usually, the gestation period lasts for 60 days. However, they can fertilize the eggs multiple times, because they store the sperm from the male for months.

How many babies do platys give birth to?

You generally have between 24 and 30 days to make accommodations for your new fry once the mother shows signs of pregnancy. Once the mother gives birth, you can expect to have 20-40 new fry on average. Sometimes, this number can climb as high as 80.

Do fish hide when pregnant?

Nesting. It is completely normal for a pregnant fish to spend more time hiding or seeming to explore plants and decorations in the aquarium. This is an indicator that she is coming close to giving birth, and that she is looking for a place to go through the process.

How do fish act when they are pregnant?

As your female fish becomes pregnant, she will grow a bulge at the back of her abdomen. This typically appears over the course of 20-40 days. Does your fish have a red or black spot? Sometimes, when a female fish is pregnant, she will develop a “gravid spot” on the abdomen.

How do u know if a fish is pregnant?

Pregnant female fish often develop a “gravid spot” on the abdomen near the rear vent. This is typically black or bright red, and grows more pronounced over the course of the pregnancy. Some fish always have this spot, but it will typically grow brighter or darker during once the fish is pregnant.

How long does a platy stay pregnant?

Often female livebearers are already pregnant when you buy them as they are kept together with males in aquatic stores and suppliers. But here’s an indication of how long each of the popular species is pregnant for: Guppies 21-35 days. Platies 24-35 days.

Do platys eat their babies?

Adult platies don’t have any protective instinct toward fry; in fact, they may eat them. This is why it’s essential to remove the fry from the aquarium as soon as possible. To accomplish this, you must monitor the aquarium no less than every two hours to identify whether any fry have been born.

What do you do with baby platys?

Platies aren’t very good parents and in fact tend to eat their fry. It is best to have the female Platy give birth in a breeding tank and then put her back in the main tank once she’s done. It’s also not advisable to keep the babies in the main tank unless it’s large enough and is heavily planted.

How can you tell if a Mickey Mouse platy is male or female?

Females are generally larger, and sometimes are less vibrantly colored than the male. Males are easily recognized by the presence of the gonopodium, a modified anal fin used to hook the female and deposit sperm. Males also have a more pointed caudal fin.