How Long Do I Keep Vehicle Maintenance Records

How long do you need to keep HGV maintenance records?

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What should be in a vehicle file?

Vehicle Files means, with respect to each Vehicle, (i) the original Certificate of Title (or an original or certified copy of the application for a Certificate of Title) and all related documents retained on file by the Servicer/Manager, in accordance with its usual and customary business practices, evidencing the …

Who is responsible for the roadworthiness of a vehicle?

Drivers must be made aware of their legal responsibilities regarding vehicle condition and the procedures for reporting defects. Drivers share the responsibility for the vehicle’s roadworthiness with the operator.

How often does a HGV need a brake test?

You should get your HGV or trailer’s brakes tested by a roller brake tester ( RBT ) at least 4 times per year, including at the MOT.

What documents should you not keep in your car?

Proof of insurance. But don’t store the car’s title (keep that at home) or registration (keep that in your wallet) in your glove compartment.

Do I need to carry my car insurance certificate?

But again, you do not have to keep them in your car by law. A police officer can ask you to produce a valid car insurance certificate or an MOT certificate. Again, the same rules apply as with the driving licence. If you do not have yours on you, then you will have to present them at a police station within seven days.

Is a vehicle health check a legal requirement?

Are Vehicle Health Checks mandatory? VHCs are not mandatory.

Which of the following should you check every time you return to your vehicle?

Every time you drive you should check: the windscreen, windows and mirrors are clean. all lights work. the brakes work.

How do you know if your car is running good?

Car should start easily without struggling, banging or stalling. Listen to the engine run. The engine should not make any tapping, knocking or pinging noises, nor should it smoke. Watch the exhaust and check to see if an unusual amount of emissions gas is being emitted.

What is the minimum legal foot brake efficiency?

The minimum brake efficiency requirement for ‘M1’ vehicles first used on or after 1 September 2010 has been increased to 58%.