How Long Do I Have To Wear Sunglasses After Prk

Is it necessary to wear sunglasses after PRK?

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How long wear sunglasses after Transprk?

Wear UV-protected sunglasses for 1 month whenever exposed to sunlight. Maintain good hygiene, keep eyes free of dust and dirt and do not rub them especially during the initial recovery phase.

Can I wear my old glasses after PRK?

One of the key eligibility criteria for laser eye surgery is that your glasses prescription has not changed for at least 12 months. A stable prescription means your vision is unlikely to deteriorate after surgery because of further changes to your cornea.

Does epithelium grow back after PRK?

The epithelial layer removed during PRK surgery will regenerate; however, this occurs over a period of weeks. In some patients, the regrowth of the epithelium could take up to three months.

Can I use my phone after TransPRK?

You can use your phone and computer after the procedure, but usage will be limited and discouraged as your vision will be fuzzy for the first week while the surface epithelium cells heal. There is a healing curve that depends on the refractive power being corrected.

When can I rub my eyes after TransPRK?

When can I safely rub my eyes? You should not rub your eyes for 2 months after LASIK and PRK. You do not want to displace the corneal flap in LASIK or loosen the corneal epithelium in PRK.

Why are my eyes still blurry after PRK?

The epithelium takes three or four days to heal. During this time you will experience discomfort and very blurry vision after PRK. By four or five days after surgery your vision begins to clear up, although it may takes several weeks to a month to become excellent.

How long after PRK can I see 20 20?

It can take up to three months for the vision to be completely clear, sharp, and stable. Most patients achieve 20/20 vision.

Can you get PRK twice?

If you choose to have a second PRK procedure, there’s nothing to worry about. Subsequent/follow-up surgery is usually the same as the original procedure in that the entire epithelium will be removed to allow access to the underlying cornea in order to reshape it.

Can one eye heal faster than the other after PRK?

It is common for one eye to heal faster than the other, so do not be alarmed if your vision is better in one eye compared to the other. You will be given oral pain medication if necessary, along with topical eye drops.