How Long Do Chacos Last

Do tevas or Chacos last longer?

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Can you wear Chacos all day?

They’re absolutely fantastic sandals for every day wear, but may cause discomfort for some with long days in the parks if you’re not used to having such a stiff sole under your arch while standing for hours at a time. But once they break in they will literally last you forever.

Will Chacos mold to your feet?

So definitely buy the Z/Cloud sandals for the most comfortable Chacos. You may have seen some people online recommending that you put your Chacos in the oven on a low temperature for a few minutes to soften up the footbed so that it molds better to your feet.

Why Chacos are the worst?

At the end of a long day in the sun, removing them from your feet will result in the release of one of the foulest odors known to man. The sweat between the sole of the foot and the footbed gives rise to an entire ecosystem of stinky microorganisms, and it’s horrific.

Why are Chacos so popular?

Chaco sandals are a favorite in the outdoor community because they’re quick-drying, durable, and very comfortable.

How often should you replace Chacos?

See, Chaco sandals have earned a reputation for exceptional durability, and it’s not uncommon that a pair can go 10 years without the footbeds or straps needing to be replaced. But as any Chaco fan can tell you, all that relentless use over a long period of time can leave them with a pretty distinct and funky smell.

What can I do with old Chacos?

Chaco makes the process easy: You simply send your old sandals to the ReChaco facility in Rockford, Michigan, where restoration specialists can replace the shoe’s webbing, attach a new outsole, replace buckles and make other repairs.

Do Chacos make your feet smell?

Our continuous webbing system features straps that wrap around the foot and through the midsole for a custom fit. Over the course of wear, grit and sand can get in the channels where the straps enter and exit the midsole, which can create excess odor and cause your straps to stick.

Are Chacos Jesus sandals?

Thankfully, Chacos are there to fulfill every need–comfort, durability and style–which is why they are superior to Birkenstocks, the other “Jesus sandal” on the market. Unlike Birkenstocks, all Chacos are waterproof. You can wear them through a puddle, through a waterfall or on a kayaking adventure with no worries.

Are Chacos better with or without the toe strap?

The toe loops are worth it but take some getting used to! They are definitely more comfortable if you are going to be doing a lot of hiking/backpacking in your sandals. On steep inclines, I really notice the difference in how much less my foot slides around and how much more secure/stable my footing feels.