How Far Is It To Yuma Arizona

How far is it to Yuma, AZ from Tucson?

Driving instructions from Tucson to Yuma There is a 240 miles range in between Tucson and Yuma. The ordinary traveling time is around 4 hrs.

Is Yuma a good city to live in?

It’s a Livable City Qualities that make a city comfortable include its criminal activity rates, education, as well as healthcare. While Yuma had a spike in crime in 2017, making its crime price 70% higher than various other cities in Arizona, the criminal activity prices have actually been progressively declining in recent times.

How far is Tucson from the Mexican border?

Arizona is in the Southwest location of the United States in between California and also New Mexico. Tucson is a hr’s drive from the Mexico boundary as well as less than two hrs from Phoenix metro.

How much is the shuttle from Tucson to Nogales?

Tufesa Mexico operates a bus from Tucson to Nogales 4 times a day. Tickets cost $6 – $12 as well as the journey takes 1h 1m. Tufesa also solutions this course when daily.

What Mexican city is close to Yuma Arizona?

Located a simple seven miles from Yuma, Arizona, Algodones is a must-see destination for travelers and also travelers in the Yuma location.

Is it expensive to live in Yuma, AZ?

Yuma’s housing costs are 13% less than the nationwide average and also the utility costs are 17% greater than the national standard. Transport expenses like bus fares as well as gas costs are 4% less than the national average.

What is the coldest month in Yuma Arizona?

The awesome period lasts for 3.0 months, from November 21 to February 21, with an ordinary everyday high temperature level below 76 ° F. The coldest month of the year in Yuma is December, with an ordinary reduced of 49 ° F as well as high of 69 ° F.

Do you need a passport to go to Mexico?

U.S. people have to present a valid U.S. key publication or card, along with an entry permit (Forma Migratoria Several or FMM) provided by Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM). Tourists should be certain to go into Mexico with legitimate evidence of automobile registration, also if remaining in the boundary area.

What Mexican city is closest to Tucson?

If you are visiting Tucson, it’s a good time to consider a tour across the Arizona border into Nogales, Sonora, Mexico as well as get a taste of the beauty as well as customs of Old Mexico. Nogales is only about 60 miles southern of Tucson on Interstate 19. Before crossing the boundary. you’ll initially arrive in Nogales, Arizona.

Is Tucson warmer than Phoenix?

Tucson is cooler than Phoenix, though both cities experience a hot environment by Chicago requirements. The ordinary temperature level at Phoenix with the year is 75.1 degrees, and also at Tucson it is 70.9 levels. At Chicago Midway Airport the standard is 51.4 degrees.