How Far Is It From Fort Myers To Key West

Can you take a boat from Ft Myers to Key West?

The Key West Express runs a daily ferry boat from Fort Myers to Trick West. As well as it is worth it! It takes just a fraction of the time– concerning 4 hours– after that it would be to drive as well as a fraction of the cost to fly. It truly is a no brainer!

How far is the boat ride from Fort Myers to Key West?

The journey from Ft Myers to Secret West by boat is a bit greater than 100 nautical miles. Secret West Express is the significant ferryboat solution that enables you to travel in between these two Florida locations by watercraft. Their jet-powered catamarans can make the trip in regarding 3.5 hrs traveling at speeds of about 40 knots (46 mph).

How long does the ferry to Key West take?

While climate can play a considerable role in the actual traveling time, we advise that each traveler intend on a 3.5-4 hour trip from port to port. Thankfully, guests can delight in flexibility on our ferryboat that are not offered on an aircraft or in a vehicle, consisting of a full bar as well as galley.

When should you avoid Key West?

Cyclone period in Trick West ranges from June 1- November 30 (a good idea to know before going to). Nevertheless, the heaviest tornados are most likely to occur in August- October. Certainly, devastating storms do not happen yearly, yet hurricane period is absolutely something to bear in mind.

Do you need a car in Key West?

You do not really need an automobile in Trick West unless you’re preparing to do a lot of purchasing or are heading out to several far-fetched points in the Keys. The island is just four miles long as well as around one mile broad, so virtually whatever is situated within walking distance.

How long is the Key West Express ride?

Escape … Enjoy as well as Explore Secret West in roughly 3.5 hrs when you travel aboard the high rate ferryboats departing Marco Island and Ft Myers Coastline. Obtaining there & back is half the fun as you leave the web traffic as well as long drive ashore.

Can you take a car on the Key West ferry?

No cars and trucks, simply travelers. They do bring bikes, as well as the team will certainly aid you pack them and also stow them away. A cars and truck is a large concern in Secret West.

How much is the ferry from Naples Florida to Key West?

The most effective means to receive from Naples to Key West without an automobile is to ferry which takes 3h 54m as well as costs $130 – $140.

Do I need a passport to go to Key West?

No issue. Key West exists at the end of the Florida Keys and also is as close to the Caribbean as you can get without the headache of getting a ticket. United state people can leave to our tropical paradise and pass through the island freely. Here’s just how to take the jump and also start a trip to Secret West – no key required.

What time does Key West Express leave Fort Myers?

The Trick West Express departs daily from Fort Myers Beach (except when the calendar shows no sailing) at 8:30 a.m. with ticketing as well as boarding starting at 7 a.m. The terminal lies at 1200 Main St, Ft Myers Beach, FL 33931.