How Far Is Georgia From Jacksonville Fl

How many miles is it from Jacksonville Florida to Atlanta Georgia?

The overall driving range from Jacksonville, FL to Atlanta, GA is 346 miles or 557 kilometers.

How long is Georgia from Florida by car?

How much time is the drive from Georgia to Florida? The total drive time is 6 hrs, 29 mins.

Is Jacksonville closer to Miami or Atlanta?

The closest significant city that is roughly midway is Jacksonville, FL. The complete driving range from Atlanta, GA to Miami, FL is 663 miles or 1 067 kilometers. Everyone would certainly then have to drive around 332 miles to satisfy in the center.

Is Jacksonville a good place to live?

Supplying citizens a country feel, Jacksonville is just one of the best areas to reside in Florida. This city is safe as well as complete of restaurants, parks, and great deals of things to do. One of the most heavily populated city in the state, Jacksonville currently has around 911,507 people staying in the location.

How far is Georgia from Florida by plane?

Distance from Florida to Georgia is 516 kilometers. This flight range is equivalent to 321 miles. The flight (bird fly) fastest range between Florida as well as Georgia is 516 km= 321 miles. If you take a trip with an aircraft (which has typical rate of 560 miles) from Florida to Georgia, It takes 0.57 hrs to get here.

Does it snow in Georgia?

Just like numerous states, snowfall varies every year as a result of changing temperatures as well as varying elevations. Nonetheless, generally, Georgia sees snow yearly.

How far is Georgia from Florida by walking?

Range in between Florida and Georgia is 12258 KM/ 7616.9 miles.

Is Georgia close to New York?

Distance in between New York and Georgia is 8976 KM/ 5577.5 miles.

How long does it take to drive to Atlanta to Jacksonville FL?

How much time is the drive from Atlanta, GA to Jacksonville, FL? The complete drive time is 4 hrs, 53 mins.

How far is Jacksonville from Atlanta by plane?

The flight time from Atlanta to Jacksonville is 1 hour, 2 mins. The time spent in the air is 44 minutes. The flight range from Atlanta to Jacksonville is 270 Miles.