How Far Is Fredericksburg From Me

How long is from Virginia Beach to Fredericksburg?

Driving directions from Virginia Coastline to Fredericksburg There is a 157 miles distance between Virginia Coastline and also Fredericksburg. Be all set to spend 3 hours driving. It has to do with 19 USD to refuel your auto on this route.

What city is between Fredericksburg and Richmond?

The city at the geographic middle from Fredericksburg, VA to Richmond, VA is Ruther Glen, Virginia.

How many black people live in Fredericksburg VA?

Fredericksburg Demographics According to the most current ACS, the racial structure of Fredericksburgwas: White: 62.33% Black or African American: 22.09%.

What is Fredericksburg Virginia known for?

Fredericksburg, VA is called the youth house of Head of state George Washington as well as has played an integral part in the American Civil War.

How is life in Fredericksburg VA?

Family members, university pupils, and retirees all discover Fredericksburg a preferable location to live due to huge city features and a large option of realty. Surrounding the Rappahannock River, the city additionally interest those that like to get outdoors to fish, boat, trek, or bird watch.

Is Fredericksburg expensive?

According to C2ER (the Council for Community and Economic Study), the price of living in Fredericksburg is estimated to be 138.5% of the nationwide typical making it one of the a lot more costly cities in the US.

Is Fredericksburg VA a good place to retire?

Fredericksburg has actually been provided as the most effective location in Virginia, as well as among the top places in the nation, for seniors to live.

Is Fredericksburg considered Northern Virginia?

Due To The Fact That Northern Virginia is not incorporated and also has no plainly defined borders, some would certainly expand NoVa to consist of areas slightly further out of Washington, such as the Virginia regions of Clarke, Warren, Culpeper, Fauquier, and also Frederick, as well as the independent cities of Fredericksburg as well as Winchester.

Is Fredericksburg worth visiting?

Located in the heart of the Texas Hillside Nation, Fredericksburg provides vineyards, enchanting shops, fine eating, and German heritage, done in a beautiful and historic setting. If you visit during the springtime, you’ll be dealt with to a stunning program of wildflowers, including Texas’s popular bluebonnets.

Is Fredericksburg Va worth visiting?

With its area simply one hr south of Washington, D.C., the charming Virginia community of Fredericksburg has a vital place in American history. It was the youth house of George Washington, a significant port during the colonial period, and the site of a number of major battles throughout the Civil Battle.