How Far Is Davie Florida From Fort Lauderdale

Is Davie Florida a good area?

Davie remains in Broward Area and also is one of the very best places to stay in Florida. Living in Davie supplies locals a dense suburban feel as well as most locals possess their houses. In Davie there are a lot of restaurants, coffeehouse, as well as parks. Several young specialists reside in Davie and residents often tend to lean liberal.

Where is Davie in relation to Fort Lauderdale?

There are 7.80 miles from Davie to Ft Lauderdale in northeast direction and also 10 miles (16.09 kilometers) by vehicle, following the FL 842 course. Davie and also Fort Lauderdale are 16 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop. This is the fastest path from Davie, FL to Fort Lauderdale, FL. The halfway point is Vineyard, FL.

Are Davie and Fort Lauderdale the same?

Davie belongs of the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood media market, which is the twelfth biggest radio market and the seventeenth largest television market in the United States.

Is Davie safe to live?

The possibility of becoming a sufferer of either fierce or residential or commercial property criminal activity in Davie is 1 in 39. Based upon FBI crime information, Davie is not one of the best communities in America. About Florida, Davie has a criminal activity rate that is more than 72% of the state’s cities as well as towns of all sizes.

What is Davie FL known for?

The Community of Davie is also the nexus of greater education in South Florida where a number of nationally recognized colleges, technical institutes, as well as colleges make up the South Florida Educational Center.

Who founded Davie Florida?

1916 – Programmer Robert Parsell Davie helped drain the Everglades and built the very first two-room schoolhouse in the area. The town was relabelled Davie after him.

What is it like to live in Davie Florida?

With marginal tax prices as well as a mean house worth of $210,800, Davie is an affordable area to stay in South Florida. Davie is an education-oriented city with five college as well as college campuses. With cost effective housing therefore many instructional choices, Davie is a popular place for students to start their education and learning.

Is Davie a town?

The Town of Davie is hosting a City center Bargain Ceremony on Saturday, June 11, 2022, at the previous Town Hall, 6591 Orange Drive, Davie, FL 33314.

Is Boca Raton safe?

Lauded for being among the best cities in Florida, Boca Raton is, statistically talking, extremely risk-free for vacationers. The United States has an average violent criminal offense rate of 398.5 per 100,000 homeowners. Boca’s fierce criminal activity rate is almost half of that.

Is Hollywood Florida Safe?

The opportunity of ending up being a target of either fierce or home criminal offense in Hollywood is 1 in 40. Based upon FBI criminal activity information, Hollywood is not one of the most safe neighborhoods in America. Loved one to Florida, Hollywood has a criminal offense rate that is greater than 71% of the state’s cities and also towns of all sizes.