How Far Am I From The Tennessee Border

How far is it across the state of Tennessee?

The state is regarding 440 miles (710 kilometres) long from east to west and also 112 miles (180 km) broad from north to south. Tennessee is geographically, culturally, economically, and legitimately separated right into 3 Grand Divisions: East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, and also West Tennessee.

How far is Tennessee from Florida state line?

The fastest distance (air line) in between Florida and also Tennessee is 618.80 mi (995.87 kilometres). The fastest course in between Florida and Tennessee is according to the path coordinator. The driving time is approx. Fifty percent of the journey is gotten to in.

How far is Tennessee line from Alabama?

The overall straight line range in between Alabama and also Tennessee is 357 KM (kilometers) as well as 200 meters. The miles based distance from Alabama to Tennessee is 222 miles.

How long does it take to drive through Tennessee?

The best Tennessee trip is 931 miles (1498 kilometres) long. To drive it takes around 17.5 hrs not consisting of any kind of quits along the means.

How many states border Tennessee?

Tennessee is surrounded by Kentucky as well as Virginia in the north, North Carolina in the eastern, Georgia, Alabama, as well as Mississippi in the south, and also Arkansas and also Missouri in the west. Its wiggly western border is developed by the Mississippi River. Geologists split the land right into 6 significant regions.

How far is Tennessee for Florida?

Distance between Tennessee and also Florida is 4377 KILOMETRES/ 2719.8 miles.

How far is Tennessee from Florida?

The complete driving distance from Tennessee to Florida is 723 miles or 1 164 kilometers.

Does it snow in Tennessee?

Typically, Tennessee sees snow throughout January and February. Although it isn’t always assured, we would certainly claim you have a very great possibility of seeing flurries throughout this period if you want to schedule an airplane ticket ASAP. Nonetheless, it can technically snow in Tennessee anytime in between December and also April.

How much is Alabama to Tennessee?

The distance in between Alabama and Tennessee is 178 miles. The road distance is 191.9 miles. Exactly how do I travel from Alabama to Tennessee without a car? The most effective means to obtain from Alabama to Tennessee without a vehicle is to bus which takes 4h 5m and costs $27 – $40.

Is Alabama next to Tennessee?

Alabama is among the 50 states in the US, situated in the southeastern United States between Mississippi and Georgia. It surrounds Tennessee in the north along the 35th parallel north, and also Florida in the south, a little lobe of Alabama’s southwestern land reaches the Gulf of Mexico.