How Does O2 Travel Bolt On Work

What is the O2 Travel opt out bolt on?

O2 Traveling no more exists for Europe so the complimentary opt out means you use your UK allowances just as you would certainly in the house as well as pay the EU criterion rates must you consume your UK allowance.

Will O2 keep free roaming?

Virgin Media O2 has today introduced it will certainly not be reintroducing roaming fees in Europe, making it the only large 4 mobile network in the UK not to restore these fees.

What are the benefits of having O2 travel?

You’ll get a daily allowance of Limitless minutes, messages and data when you stroll in our O2 Traveling Inclusive Zone. There’s no cap on information, but we’ll take care of traffic and also might require to decrease rates depending upon use, and all allocations undergo our Fair Use policy.

Will O2 introduce roaming charges?

Will there be wandering fees? O2 state they have no plans to reintroduce roaming charges in Europe as they will be part of clients’ regular monthly strategies (O2 consumers have a regular monthly information restriction of 25GB and also will certainly be billed ₤ 3.50 for each and every GB after that).

How long can I use my O2 phone in Europe?

Permanent Roaming Using our services in our Europe Zone for even more than 63 days in any type of four-month period is what we consider to be unjust use. If you do this we’ll send you a reasonable use notice by text.

Does O2 charge for roaming after Brexit?

Virgin Mobile and O2 phone customers will not encounter roaming costs adhering to statements by other networks to reintroduce additional costs after Brexit. It implies customers travelling to Europe will certainly be able to utilize their mobile data and also make phone calls and texts on the same bargain as they have in the UK.

Is O2 keeping free roaming in Europe?

We cover strolling in our Europe Area as part of our Tariffs. So your data (subject to a roaming limit), mins and text allocations will certainly operate in our Europe Area, much like they do at residence. If your UK month-to-month information allocation is over 25GB, you’ll have a Roaming Limit of 25GB when wandering in our Europe Zone.

Will I be charged for roaming?

However, do remember that there’s a roaming limit of 25GB a month. This means if you discuss 25GB of information roaming, you’ll have to pay ₤ 3.50 for every added GB you utilize– also if your UK plan has a month-to-month information allocation of greater than 25GB.

Are international calls free on O2?

Take your plan abroad Whether you get on Pay Regular monthly or Pay As You Go, use your data, minutes and also texts at no extra expense throughout over 45 nations in our Europe Zone. And if you’re going even more afield, we’ve made it easier than ever before to remain in touch with our O2 Travel Bolt On.

How do I cancel O2 travel?

If you wish to opt-out, you can do so by texting “NOTRAVEL” to 23336. It can use up to 24 hrs for O2 Travel to be eliminated from your account.