How Do You Say Pretty Lady In French

What is beautiful girls in French?

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What is beautiful feminine in French?

Beau is the masculine, and belle the feminine form of the adjective meaning beautiful. So, if you are talking about a man or masculine object you use beau, if talking about a woman or a feminine object use belle.

What is cute girl in French?

jolie fille. More French words for cute girl. fille mignonne.

What is the meaning of Mon Cheri?

Mon chéri means “my dear” or “sweetheart” in French. It’s an adorable term of endearment for a male person someone is fond of, romantically or platonically.

What is Belle Ame?

Translation of “ta belle âme” in English your beautiful soul.

Does Belle mean beauty in French?

Belle and beau is an adjective that means “beautiful” and “handsome” in French. These are, as all adjectives, used to describe a person or an object. “Beau” describes a masculine noun and “belle” describes a feminine noun.

What is the meaning of Belle Dame?

Translation of “ma belle dame” in English. my beautiful lady.

What is adorable in French?

Elle est adorable ! That’s adorable. C’est adorable.

Is Mimi French?

It’s one of the many French words to describe affection between lovers or friends. What does it mean? Mimi is a word French people use to say that something is (really) adorable. To be mimi is to be more than cute, it’s small-fluffy-kitten cute.

What does Cherie Amour?

Translation of “Chérie Amour” in English. chérie d’amour. sweetheart. Chérie. honey darling.